Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Review – 10.1 Inch full 1080P HD Android Tablet with Intel Atom Processor

Let us borrow their yoga tablet to to check out for a few days. This is an Android tablet, running Intel and there’s. Also a Windows version available, but you have to choose one of the other. You can’t have one that runs both, which is actually kind of this appointment I’d like to see […]

Comparison Teclast X98 Air 3G Vs X10HD 3G Which is the Best?

Both have their pros and cons and i'll go over that shortly. You can see here that the machines obviously are physically different. This has more of a business kind of looked toward more of a surface to pro look so black and it's. A 16 x, 10 screen we've, quite a high resolution and […]

Surface 3 Atom Gaming: Tomb Raider 2013 Fraps

Maybe that might help and everything else is low, so everything's hit to low low as possible. Really let's put it. What you want to keep it on definitely running a more modern game like this, you can see there's a few framerate dips, they're running a little bit low. Did I roll it's, a […]

Surface 3 Vs Surface 3 cooled by a USB fan.

I have the two gigabyte surface, as you can see here is on the left, and this is the four gigabyte version here. What I thought is hooked up a fan. Now you put a hood on this surface three pro that you can hook up a little fan like this, and you can help […]

PiPo W3 Atom Z3775D Vs PiPo W3F Atom Z3735F [4k]

This is the people w 3f, which is the cheaper version of the w3. Now this cheaper version, they have removed the 64 gigabyte emmc drive and replace that with a 32 gigabyte, one to cut down on costs and they've also removed the modem. This modem now is not included and the the w […]

Atom X7 Z8700 Vs Atom Z3775 Geekbench and 3DMark

This one here is these: it 3775 it's the bay trail, so the generation before the newer cheery trail here, which is another Atom CPU. You can see here that the differences between them almost next to nothing so speed wise when it's running with the CPU single core and the multi core scores, there's, […]

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Android Unboxing

This is the 16 gigabyte Android version, which is the only model that's currently out at the moment. I picked this one up here from gearbest.com DHL delivery, as you can see from the packaging now I've already just cut the tape off the box of CS. You don't see me resting round with it […]

Teclast X16 Pro Unboxing, Keyboard And Hands on

Now I did refer from the side of the box just to confirm it was the x16 probably been waiting for just get to see. I ordered the keyboard as well. Now this is the pro model. There is a power version of this which has the the same atom chipset that the Microsoft Surface […]

Cube iwork8 Ultimate Vs Onda v820w CH comparison

I work eight ultimate, which is this model right here, that doesn't have the windows home button and the on V 820 w CH. Both of these have the same. Chipset emits the FM x5. Is it 8300? It can turbo up to one point: eight four gigahertz now, if we look at the design […]

Teclast X98 Pro X5 Z8500 Vs X98 Plus X5 Z8300 Comparison

This is right here on the left and x98 plus you can see my little label at the top there, so both of these tablets have the same exact, Retina screen and then a very similar design. The front panels, the same plastic bezels. They don't have a scratch resistant screen, so they're running the […]

Teclast X98 Air 3G (Z3736F) Vs X98 Plus (Z8300)

You can see my poorly written labels here on both of them and the x98 plus, so the Estonia pluses a newer model that has four gigabytes of RAM and it has the cherry trail atom. X5Z 8300. Now this one here, the x98 err 3G, which I've recorded too many videos on this one […]

Teclast X98 Plus Benchmarks, A8A Game Test & Thermals

So does it look here now at the system menu you can see it's running a Windows 10 home, and it does have that 4 gigabytes of RAM right there, so I'm capturing the screen with a capture card. This should not actually be affecting your performance at all of the tablet, but to give […]