Intel i5-9600K vs i7-9700K Comparison – 6 or 8 CPU Cores?

Lets start out With the specs., The key difference is that the i5 9600K has 6 cores and 6 threads, while the i7 9700K has 8 cores and 8 threads. Neither has hyperthreading available.. The 9600K has a slightly higher base clock, but at stock the single core turbo boost of the 9700K is 300MHz […]

Intel 9th Gen Gaming Laptops – Buy Now or Wait?

Should you buy a laptop now or is it worth the wait to get a ninth gen model let's discuss intel's announcement on the 8th of October 2018 primarily revolved around the i9 9900 ki7 9700 k i5 9600 k in terms of their mainstream lineup. They also announced some high end desktop parts, but […]

Razer Project Fiona Gaming Tablet

Check out Today's best deals on gadgets HERE – MORE CES COVERAGE HERE This is a quick look at the Project Fiona Gaming Tablet from Razer. This is currently a prototype and won't be in production for a while. It will feature a core i7 processor and full Windows gaming experience. Visit my channel for […]

Lenovo Y530 Thermal Testing, Overclocking and Undervolting

The Lenovo Y530 is a popular gaming laptop with good specs, but how hot does it get and is there any throttling? In this video we’ll take a detailed look at performance, see if there are any thermal or power limits, and find out what can be done to improve gaming performance and temperatures. I’ll […]