Play Store fix Teclast X98 Air 3G C8J7/C6J6/C9J7 how to fix the Play force close

The x98 air 3 g, c8 j7 model there's a bit of a mouthful to say, and what we need to do here is move over these files. Here onto the internal sd card of the tablet, because we need to install this so once they moved over, we can proceed to uninstall the existing […]

Asus T200TA: How to fit standard 2.5″ HDD/SSD in The T200TA dock

Now you can actually fit in a larger Drive here. This is not an object. Slim Drive. I have a vertex port here that I managed to fit in to the hard drive bay, but I did not use the adapter at all. So I'll show you how it looks fits in here quite snug […]

Cube i7 Stylus – How to upgrade the 64GB SSD. Plus look at internals

Who gave me this tip here, which is actually a really good one, because they had a lot of trouble trying to get started the process of opening it up so the best place to start using your prying tool is right here. Next to the actual volume rocker and just go along here once […]

How to Install only Windows on a Dual Boot X98 Air 3G & Air II

Well, I have it right here: a GPT partitions drive, so that will boot, and I have my mouse connected. An important thing here is to make sure that you have your flash drive with Windows on it on the first hub port. I don't think it'll work on another port of I've noticed that […]

X98 Air 3G: Flash dual boot bios, Android, install Windows and drivers

Of course, you can get them from XDA or tech tablets comm and extract the files to your desktop and execute the chinese bat file, which will start to flash the BIOS before you do. This make sure you have at least 50 battery. You could risk a brick so be really careful there. So […]

X98 Air 3G / Win 8.1 How to change language from Chinese to English

Just incase your Chinese tablet ships in Chinese, here is how to change it to English or your own native language. Tablet in this video is a Teclast X98 Air 3G Where to buy?