Are Intel Optane Laptops Worth It? Real World Testing!

To test? This out Im using an HP 15 laptop, its got an Intel, i7 8550U CPU 4GB of memory and Nvidia MX130 graphics. For storage. The primary disk and boot drive is a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive, but this is paired with a 16gb Intel, Optane module, which is what were going to be […]

Speed Up Your Old Laptop On A Budget

On a budget, I thought that still laptop the Uni in early 2008 at the time it was great and had awesome specs. Now it weighs a ton and struggles to perform basic tasks honestly I'm, not too sure what to do with it, as I haven't used it in years and have no real […]

Can You Game Off A NAS? FPS Benchmarks and Load Times

This can be more of an issue with laptops, some of which only have a single empty drive or no 2.5 inch drive bays for larger and cheaper hard drive. Storage, so let's see how a nurse can help and find out how well we can actually play games off one over the network and […]