RTX 3070 vs RTX 2070 vs GTX 1070 – 3 Generation GPU Comparison

Lets start with the spec differences. All three have 8gb of memory, but thats, basically, where the similarities end. As youd expect. The newer cards are specced higher.. The 3070 has the same 500 USD MSRP as the 2070 before it. However, both were more expensive at launch than the 1070 and not to mention […]

Acer Predator Orion 3000 Gaming PC Review

Take an in depth look and find out what its got to offer and see how well it performs in games. The Orion 3000 is available with different hardware configurations. My unit here has a 6 core: i7 8700 CPU Nvidia GTX, 1070 graphics, 16GB of DDR4 2666 memory running in dual channel, a 256GB […]

MSI GE75 8RF Thermal Testing, Overclocking and Undervolting

Ive got the GE75 8RF version here, which is the 17 inch version with an Intel. I7: 8750H CPU 16GB of memory running in dual channel and Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics.. The GE75 is also available with GTX 1060 RTX, 2060, 2070 or 2080 graphics so expect different results with different configurations.. The 1070 here […]

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti vs GTX 1070 – 16 Games Tested!

These are just the reference specs for each model. The 1070 has more CUDA cores and only just slightly higher base clock speed. While the boost clock on the 1660 ti is higher. The 1070 also has more memory, but it's gddr5, with different speed than the testing I'm. Using the msi gtx 1660 TI […]

ASUS Scar II vs Zephyrus M – Gaming Laptop Comparison

But what should you pick? They both have very similar specs, but the scar 2 is a little cheaper, so let's compare them and help you find out which to buy. This. Video has been sponsored by LastPass. Lastpass is a password management tool that securely remembers all of your passwords, so you don't have […]

MSI GE63 Raider RGB 8RF Gaming Laptop Review

We'Ll check out gaming performance, overclocking thermals under vaulting features battery life and basically everything else, don't be desired if it's a laptop worth buying, starting with the specs. My unit has an Intel. I7. 8750 H, CPU so 6 cores 12 threads with a four point. One gigahertz single core turbo boost I've had […]

Gigabyte Aero 15X Laptop Review and Benchmarks

Error 15x is a seriously impressive, laptop featuring a six course cpu 1070 max q, graphics, 144 hertz screen and large 94 watt hour battery packed into such a small space let's find out what the laptop has to offer as well as how well it performs through various Benchmarks to help you decide if […]

MSI GE75 8RF Gaming Laptop Review – GTX 1070 in 2019?

The MSI GE75 8RF gaming laptop computer has some good specs and has had quite a lot of requests on the channel, so let’s discover out what it’s bought for us. On this assessment we’ll check out efficiency, thermals, overclocking, battery life and mainly every little thing else you’d wish to know that can assist […]

MSI GE75 8RF Gaming Benchmarks – 19 Games Tested!

The MSI GE75 8RF gaming laptop computer has some good specs, however simply how properly does it carry out in video games? I’ve benchmarked 19 completely different video games in any respect setting ranges to point out you the way properly it runs and show you how to resolve if it’s a laptop computer it’s […]

MSI GE63 – 7th Gen vs 8th Gen – Gaming Laptop Comparison

Which gaming laptop computer must you purchase? The older MSI GE63VR Raider 7RF with i7-7700HQ CPU, or the newer MSI GE63 RGB 8RF with i7-8750H? On this video I’ll evaluate all features of each laptops and make it easier to select the correct one. Whereas each laptops are very related, I’ll present you the variations […]

Unboxing The World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop…

The new Razer Blade 15 for 2018 is the thinnest gaming laptop I've ever seen. Get your complete hair kit for just $5: While supplies lasts. See website for full details. The Razer Blade 15 packs GTX 1070 graphics into a 4.5 pound, 0.66 inch package. The new Razer Blade 15 is available in multiple […]

The Most Insane Gaming Laptop

MSI GT75 (USA Link) – MSI GT75 (International) – Unboxing the MSI GT75 an absolute beast of a gaming laptop. _________________________________________ WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… Unboxing Every iPhone XR Unboxing a $1300 Professional Fighting Robot Is The Pixel 3 A Scratch Magnet? This Smartphone Will Change Everything… Is This The Most Underrated Smartphone Right Now? […]