Microsoft Surface Book In-Depth Review – Hardware, Gaming, Video Editing

This is the new Microsoft Surface book and I think Microsoft has finally cracked the tablet notebook hybrid with this device. I really wasn’t a big fan of the surface. I liked it, but it really wasn’t something that I could see myself using this one, I think, is because it is a really innovative […]

GPD WIN Review – Portable Handheld Windows PC – Gaming, Game Streaming, Emulators

Taking a look today at a rather unique PC called the GPD win, and this is a essentially a Nintendo DSi swing, doze computer. It runs the full version of Windows. 10 it’s got an integrated five and a half inch display an IPS display only 720p though, but it doesn’t have much horsepower because […]

Cube i9 GTA V Test Intel 515 Graphics With Power Limit & Heat Sink Mod

Remember that my particular unit here has the copper heat sig mod that I applied and they also tweaked the power limit and Intel X. T? U so it could add these settings I'm using an Xbox 360 controller too, by the way so I'm going to run it on 800 x, 600 resolution DirectX […]

Surface 3 Atom : Grand Theft Auto V / GTA V Test 60p

As you can see, it's basically a PowerPoint slideshow of the game, so real choppy, I mean like a credits to Microsoft and Intel that it can actually run the game. Some a lot of settings which would just show you now so go into the game settings test. Very seeing's, okay, so graphics, it's […]

Chuwi Hi12 GTA V Streaming and Screen Vs X98 Air III

No Adams gon na run it not yet. Maybe in the next five years the Adams might be able to run this game, but at the moment they don't run it with playable framerates and I'm, controlling it with an Xbox one controller, and I have it set up through my own home network. So […]