Acer Helios 300 (10th Gen) Review – A Fall From Grace

Lets discuss. Overall design appears the same as last year. Its got a matte black aluminium finish with blue accenting.. The build quality was decent like last year. The front corners could feel a bit sharp on certain angles, but it wasnt noticeable during normal use. Theres, some keyboard flex when pushing down hard, but […]

RTX 2060 vs RTX 2070 – 115W Gaming Laptop Comparison!

, Starting with the differences in specs. The 2070 has 20 more CUDA cores, but lower boost clock speeds.. The 2070 also has 2gb extra VRAM, and the memory is faster.. Performance of both of these options will vary based on power limit Im, comparing both with the same 115 watt limit, which is the […]

GTX 1660 Ti vs RTX 2060 – Ryzen Laptop Comparison!

Lets start with the spec differences.. The RTX 2060 has 25 more CUDA cores than the 1660 Ti. However, the 1660 Ti is capable of higher base and boost clock. Speeds., Both graphics options have 6GB of GDDR6 memory. However, the 2060s is a bit faster.. The power limits of both graphics also differ a […]

Eluktronics RP-15 Gaming Performance – 20 Games Tested!

. These are all the specs of my RP 15. So some good options for a gaming laptop, which starts from around 1140 USD. The Gaming Center software lets you select between different performance modes, Ive used the highest turbo mode with maximum fan speed for best performance.. This is what triggers eluktroboost and should […]

Infinity W5 / Eluktronics Mech-15 G3 / XMG Neo 15 Gaming Performance

15 G3 and XMG Neo 15.. These are all the specs were dealing with in my model, so some pretty good stuff for a gaming laptop. However, there are also other specs available. You can find examples as well as updated pricing linked in the description., The Gaming Center software lets you select between different […]

1660 Ti vs 1060 Gaming Laptop Comparison – 1060 in 2020 Worth Upgrading?

, Starting with the specs, we can See that the newer 1660 Ti has 20 more CUDA cores and although both have 6GB of memory here, the 1660 Ti uses faster GDDR6.. The laptops Im testing with are my Lenovo Y530, with GTX 1060 and Lenovo Y7000 with GTX 1660 Ti.. The chassis of both […]

2070 Super Max-Q vs 2070 Max-Q – Is Super Worth It?

, Starting with the specs. The key difference is that the newer 2070 Super version has 11 more CUDA cores, but slightly lower base and boost clock speeds as a result. Both have a 80 to 115 watt power limit range, basically, anything not at 115 watts or max performance is considered Max Q And […]

ASUS TUF FX505DU In 2020? Game Performance vs 2019

. I did a video last year where I showed how the FX505DU performed in 20 different games, but thats with an older BIOS, older Windows updates, older game updates and older Nvidia drivers.. Well, compare some games with those tested last year and see if these updates have changed performance over time. Ive, also […]

2070 Super Max-Q vs 2080 Super Max-Q – Gaming Laptop Comparison

, Starting with the specs. The key difference is that the 2080 has 20 more CUDA cores and potentially higher boost. Speeds. Theyve both got the same memory and in this testing both also run with the same 80 power watt limit, which is the minimum for these parts.. The laptops Im testing with are […]

GTX 1660 Ti vs RX 5500M – Gaming Laptop Comparison

You decide which is worth it. Lets, take a look at how the laptop GTX 1660 Ti and RX 5500M differ in terms of specs. Things like clock, speeds, CUDA cores and Stream Processors arent directly, comparable simply due to architecture differences. Its worth, noting that the 5500M has 4Gb of GDDR6 memory, while the […]

Aftershock Apex-15X Gaming Benchmarks – 17 Games Tested with 2070 Max-Q

So, just how well does it perform in games Ive, benchmarked 17 different games at all, setting levels to show you how well it runs and compared it with some other laptops to help you decide if its a laptop, you should consider buying. Just quickly before we jump Into the benchmark results Ill cover […]

MSI GT76 Titan Gaming Laptop Review – 9900K + RTX 2080 Power!

That MSI claim can run up to 5GHz and RTX 2080 graphics. It should be able to run anything we throw at it. So lets find out what compromises weve got to make for crazy levels of performance and who something like this is for in this detailed review. Ive got the 9SG configuration here, […]