Jumper EZBook 2 Unboxing & First Look – $167 MacBook Clone Laptop

It is the jumper easy book too so it's not actually Ultra book, why you could call it a laptop don't know whether you could really classify that as an ultra book, because I think ultra books have to have SSDs in them. Don'T know anyway. This one here has interested me because, unlike the […]

Jumper EZBook 2 – Some FAQs Answered

Now that uncomfortable, I would call anything getting a little bit more uncomfortable, definitely over around 40, so there's very well, not very a bit quite hot to the touch there now I'm charging it at the same time just worst case scenario. Now the temperatures are around 80. 85 degrees still, but I definitely […]

Jumper EZBook 2 Review – A Cheap 4GB 1080p Windows 10 Laptop

So this is a hundred and eighty nine dollar laptop out of china that has a anti glare 1080p screen. It'S powered by an atom. X5 0 8300 has four gigabytes of RAM and is 64 gigabyte emmc. The operating system is Windows 10, and that has a valid license and the build of it […]