Jumper EZBook 3 Review – Apollo Lake N3350 Budget Laptop

Now this new model has the Apollo Lake in 33 50, which is the first time I'll, be testing out the CPU, its dual core. It has 4 gigabytes of 1600 megahertz ram 64 gigabytes of internal storage, that's e MMC spec, but it also does have a spare m2 SSD bay, just like the […]

Jumper EZBook 2 – Some FAQs Answered

Now that uncomfortable, I would call anything getting a little bit more uncomfortable, definitely over around 40, so there's very well, not very a bit quite hot to the touch there now I'm charging it at the same time just worst case scenario. Now the temperatures are around 80. 85 degrees still, but I definitely […]

Jumper EZBook 2 Review – A Cheap 4GB 1080p Windows 10 Laptop

So this is a hundred and eighty nine dollar laptop out of china that has a anti glare 1080p screen. It'S powered by an atom. X5 0 8300 has four gigabytes of RAM and is 64 gigabyte emmc. The operating system is Windows 10, and that has a valid license and the build of it […]