ASUS VIVOBOOK S15 S532FL Screenpad 2.0 Laptop REVIEW & TEARDOWN – Dual Screen Laptop

This year s is refreshing: its lineup with screen pad 2.0 a completely revamp technology, which will be available in most of its high end laptops the Asus vive book. S 15 is part of Asus Refresh laptop lineup for 2019, starting at just three point: eight pounds the Asus Weaver book s 15 is […]

ASUS Zephyrus Duo 15 Gaming Performance

Ive got the highest specs available in the Duo. 15, but it is also available with lower tier hardware options too. You can find examples and updated prices linked in the description., The ASUS Armoury crate software lets you select between different performance, modes. Ive used manual mode as it boosts the fans higher than […]

Dual Screen Laptops + Portable PC Gaming?

Lets start out By looking at one of the dual screen laptop designs, this one is known as concept Duet, which is basically two 13.4quot displays connected together and that's the whole laptop. From the demonstration. It seemed useful if you need plenty of screen real estate. As both are touch screens. You can easily […]

ASUS ZenBook Duo Laptop Review – 2 Screens On A Budget?

In this review. Youll find out what features this cheaper version has to offer and find out if its worthwhile., Starting with the specs Ive, got a 10th gen quad core Intel, i5 CPU, Nvidia, MX250 graphics, 8gb of memory in dual channel two screens, which well look at in depth soon And a 512gb […]