Add Extra Screens To Your Laptop!

Youre looking for its the Trio Max from Mobile Pixels, and it lets you add one or even two extra screens to your laptop.. Basically, you attach it to the laptops lid and then you slide the screen out to use it.. The screens are available in either 12.5 or the 14 max version, which […]

Are Dual Monitors Worth It?

I realized I only really used two of them so drop down to jewel monitors for many years. As I started, making monitor reviews on the channel over the last couple of years. I found that I'd often only be using one monitor, as I wanted to get the experience of using the monitor I'm […]

Dell UltraSharp 24” U2414H Monitor Review And Unboxing

We'Ll find out how this monitor performs inside the box. We'Ve got the adjustable stand. The panel itself USB cable power, cable, a DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort, cable and, of course, manual and driver CD. Does anyone still actually install the drivers that come with their monitor from the CD everything just worked out of […]

How To Enable Daisy-Chaining On The Dell U2414H Monitor

2 and configure daisy chaining with the Dell u24 14 h monitor. This will allow us to run two monitors with only one of them plugged into the computer first off DisplayPort 1.2. Is required to support daisy chaining, it will not work with older versions by default. This particular monitor ships with DisplayPort 1.1 […]