AllDoCube Thinker i35 Review – $393 Surface Laptop Alternative

It has 8 gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabyte, SATA 3 SSD, and what sets it apart from the others is the beautiful display it has. So it has a surface book 13.5 inch, 3000 times 2000 resolution screen and you will see on the side there a familiar looking stylus. If you are a Microsoft […]

Alldocube Thinker i35 Thermal Mod – Reduce Max Temps 25 Degrees C!

Will not go over that which is fine, it's perfect for a fanless corium 3 tablet. But what does happen that, when you game on it, it will hit 92 degrees, which is getting a little too hot, but it doesn't sell more throttle. So, in order to take off the rare case, you're going […]

AllDoCube Thinker i35 Unboxing – $393 Surface Laptop Alternative (With Same Screen!)

This is the thinker a35 from them, so it's built around a large 13.5 inch 3 by 2 ratio screen, which is, of course, the surface book screen that we recently saw in the Chile H o 13, so a premium display in it it's got a full alloy Metal design to it and it […]