Cube i6 dual boot teardown build and internal components

The casing offer got around here with a guitar pick all around this outer edge it's very easy to do, and you can quite simply just pull the back cover off and we can have a look at the internals here of the Q by 6. So not bad. At all the build quality, as […]

Cube iWork8 3G Dual Boot Unboxing

Calm. I have the cube. I work. Eight it's, an 8 inch tablet, similar to the chewy vih and the tech last x agh. This one is a another. 1280 x, 800 screen two gigabytes of ram. The sm, zip, 3735 f so very similar specs there to all the other tablets. I'Ve been looking […]

Cube i7 Core M Hands on Ep 2: Bios, Device manager and more

This is chris from tech tablets, how's everyone, okay. So, just two quick look at the bias and a lot of people like to look in here and see what options you do have there's, not really a lot. You can do if you're neither enable or disable hyper threading active cause, all of them […]

Cube i7 Core M running Android

They advertise their sustenance, having both windows and Android, and that is true, but it's, not a proper dual boot it's, not running Android. You can natively its emulating the GPU and the CPU. It seems to run okay and some upscaling to 1080p care from the application and I'll just quickly show you that […]

Cube i9 GTA V Test Intel 515 Graphics With Power Limit & Heat Sink Mod

Remember that my particular unit here has the copper heat sig mod that I applied and they also tweaked the power limit and Intel X. T? U so it could add these settings I'm using an Xbox 360 controller too, by the way so I'm going to run it on 800 x, 600 resolution DirectX […]

Cube i9 Review – A Surface Pro 4 M3 Alternative For Less

So this is the successor to the quite popular cube i7 stylus, which was powered by the last generation core m 5y10. So what's changed in the new model. Well, they've gone with skylake processor now, which is the 6y 30 it's the coin 3, the same exact chipset, that is in the Microsoft Surface, […]

Cube iwork8 Ultimate Android 5.1 Dual Boot Test

Maybe you've noticed probably not as this right here little logo there to switch over to android. So this model now comes with dual boot and what i've done is i have flashed this myself. That'S originally had just windows 10 in it. I don't know if you've seen my previous videos on this particular […]

Cube iwork8 Ultimate Benchmarks, Gaming and Temps

Not a super sharp screen right now got the brightness down to twenty five percent. Just to show you that when it's at this level of brightness, it has quite a blue tinge to it the white background here it should actually look reasonably white but it's. Quite a cool white screen it's. Definitely not […]

Cube iwork11 Stylus Atom X5 Z8300 Unboxing And Hands On

Basically, what it was is the i7 stylus, but with an atom chip. Everything else is the same. It has the same keyboard, the same design and this one here I got from and it has been delivered by DHL and packaged up really nicely see. They put a lot of bubble pack in […]

Cube iwork8 Ultimate Atom X5 Z8300 Unboxing

So this is the cube. I work. Eight ultimate it's cubes latest cheery trail. Eight inch tablet it's, basically just the I work, eight that has the bay trail, but now this swapped out the bay trail and put the cherry trail x5z 8300. In there now you can see the packaging here is a […]

Cube i10 Android Benchmarks and Gaming

Epic Citadel, alright, so let's get into a quick race here now, with the resolution of 1366 by 768 games on this will run really nice and smooth because it's quite a low resolution there for the atom. Then this says these in 3735: infinite that can't ever up to 1.8 single thread single core. […]

Cube i7 Stylus – How to upgrade the 64GB SSD. Plus look at internals

Who gave me this tip here, which is actually a really good one, because they had a lot of trouble trying to get started the process of opening it up so the best place to start using your prying tool is right here. Next to the actual volume rocker and just go along here once […]