Acer Aspire Switch 11 V Review – Core M Detachable 2 in 1 Laptop / Tablet

This is a two in one detachable from Acer, pretty nice little unit. This reminds me a lot of the switch 10 that we looked at about a year ago, very similar in its overall design. What I’m seeing here is a lot of manufacturers taking lower end devices that are running on the Atom […]

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Tablet Review – Microsoft Surface Alternative

This is the ThinkPad tablet. X1 and it’s got some similarities to the surface, but it does some things a little bit better, which we will cover. Of course, in the course of this review, but I do want to mention in the interest of full disclosure that this came in to the channel on […]

Cube Mix Plus 2 in 1 Tablet PC Review – Affordable Core M3 Intel Kaby Lake Processor

This is a Windows tablet, with an optional keyboard base that I’ve got here and what’s interesting about this. One is that, although it looks like a lot of the other cheap tablets that we typically look at here on the channel, this one is powered by a core m3 KB Lake processor. So it […]

Cube i7 Core M Hands on Ep 2: Bios, Device manager and more

This is chris from tech tablets, how's everyone, okay. So, just two quick look at the bias and a lot of people like to look in here and see what options you do have there's, not really a lot. You can do if you're neither enable or disable hyper threading active cause, all of them […]

Teclast X2 Pro 5Y10 Core M Unboxing

As you can see, the box itself seems quite premium. Looking a slightly different design than what I've seen on the x98 year series and it doesn't actually list really any specs on it, just a little bit here in Chinese, mostly here, but it has a core m: 5y10 4 gigabytes of 1600 double […]

Cube i7 Core M 5Y10 Intel HD Graphics 5300 Gaming: Dirt 3

Just show you my settings, so I have it set to 720p, so 1280 by 720 and the global detail is set to ultra low. Just Rolo. First seems to be reason: we play one low so to show you a race here and later on. Show you my temperatures so very pliable. As you […]

Cube i9 GTA V Test Intel 515 Graphics With Power Limit & Heat Sink Mod

Remember that my particular unit here has the copper heat sig mod that I applied and they also tweaked the power limit and Intel X. T? U so it could add these settings I'm using an Xbox 360 controller too, by the way so I'm going to run it on 800 x, 600 resolution DirectX […]

Livefan S1 Unboxing 2k Screen, Core M, 8GB RAM 13.3″ Ultrabook

The 12 inch version unboxing well actually ordered this here before that one, but it arrived afterwards because it came with slow mail. This is the loaf and s1 now it's a Core M ultrabook that has the well last generation khorium, so that's the 5y10. It has 8 gigabytes of ram a 2k screen, […]

Voyo vBook V3 Core M3 Unboxing and First Look

This is the value of eBook version. 3. Now looked at the atom version that had the bait rail Z, 8300 it. This is the ultimate version. I think they call it which now has a skylake, so they released a skylake version which has got the core m3 6y 34 gigabytes of ram, and […]

Cube i9 Review – A Surface Pro 4 M3 Alternative For Less

So this is the successor to the quite popular cube i7 stylus, which was powered by the last generation core m 5y10. So what's changed in the new model. Well, they've gone with skylake processor now, which is the 6y 30 it's the coin 3, the same exact chipset, that is in the Microsoft Surface, […]

Surface 3 Vs Cube i7 value comparison

We have an admin versus a quorum, so I won't really go into that, but I just wanted to show you that the value you kind of get from China when you think about the the power of the system. You get specs wise compared to say the surface here now. This is the surface. […]

Cube i7 Core M 5Y10 Gaming Skyrim and Path of Exile

Comm show you the graphical graphics settings here. So I've got everything set to pretty low setting. So we've got shadow quality's off anti icing off medium textures and trilinear filtering. We have 1280 by 720 p, so quite low settings there and you can see the frame rate is up here in the top […]