Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 / Lapbook 12.3 Copper Heatsink Mod Lower Max Temps By 25 Degrees!

Now we should never have to do this if manufacturers can get temperatures right, but this Apolo lake in 3450 gets quite hot when gaming up to 99 degrees. If you've seen my review of the Chui lat book 14.1, which is what I'm going to mod today so to start out, remove the eight […]

EZBook X4 Fix Thermals And Boost FPS 200% Gemini Lake TDP Tweak

, So I've just finished my full review of this particular model and before I can do any sorts of mods it's always the case. With my reviews, I have to review them as stock, so that goes for Android devices and must be the stock rom, no custom roms and when it comes to […]

Teclast F7 Plus Copper Heatsink Mod – Lower Temps Up To 25 Degrees C

A thermal pad it'll improve those thermals and it allow you to increase the power limit. If you wanted to boost the performance, mostly the graphics performance, so you don't have to do this model whatsoever. If you don't need to okay, the thermals are perfectly fine, as they are out of the box, so […]

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro Heatsink Mod, eMMC to SSD Cloning & More

This is the version for model a very decent Apollo Lake, a laptop one of the best ones that you can get, especially for the price it's been selling for which has been 219 us. So do get a lot of questions with this model when new owners get it, they won't. Ok, how can […]

Chuwi Hi13 Internals & How To Open It

I thirteen that I recently looked at now. You can see all these little specks on the screen. There that's the dust that's under my pre applied screen protector. That'S, all just down to luck, it's a bit of a lottery there. So in order to open it up, you're going to need 84 Torx […]