GPD G5A Android Gaming Handheld Tablet Review – Tablet with built in game controller

You may have seen this on a few of my other videos over the last couple weeks. This is the GPD g5a and I wanted to thank rollin rollin rollin he’s, a viewer absolutely calls himself on YouTube and he saw my review of the GCW 0, which is this awesome. Retro gaming handheld that […]

GPD XD Plus / XD+ Review – Android Gaming Tablet with a 3DS Clamshell Design

This is an android device that feels a lot like a Nintendo. 3Ds it’s got a great controller on it and it runs a bulk of the Android library, including many of the retro video game, emulators that I love to play and it’s very portable. It with the clamshell design here and it’s just […]

Nvidia Shield Tablet review en español

SUSCRÍBETE y conoce todas las novedades en tecnología Durante unas semanarias hemos dado caña a esta singular tableta videoconsola de Nvidia. Probablemente un nuevo concepto de gadget que acerca de forma muy inteligente el mundo de los videojuegos al dispositivos de moda:las tabletas. En el clipset lab descubrimos todas sus funciones!!! Síguenos: Weblog clipset Twitter […]