The Best Laptops of CES 2020!

. The big news. This CES was, of course, about AMDs new Ryzen 4000 series, Zen2 CPUs, which go up to 8 cores 16 threads and promises of defeating the i7 9750H from Intel in gaming.. While I remain skeptical until I have one for testing its definitely sounds like a nice improvement, and I […]

CES 2020 Q&A – Answering Your Laptop Questions!

So the first question is: what is currently your go to for gaming, and why and what do you think, will be your next one well, I'm, not exactly sure if you're talking about gaming, pc or laptop I'm going to assume laptop as I'm, a laptop based channel To be honest, I don't really […]

Titan RTX Power In A Laptop!? ?

Lets check out the StudioBook range from ASUS at CES 2020 and find out more about these powerful beasts. This is the StudioBook One, a laptop from ASUSs new ProArt series and it means serious business.. The StudioBook One is available with Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 graphics, which is essentially a Titan RTX for laptops. […]

Acer Ryzen Updates? Triton 300 and Triton 500 Improvements At CES 2020

So Ive finally had a chance to get a first look at that, as well as the edition of 300Hz panels and the new ConceptD 7 Ezel Pro, which features a much better designed hinge mechanism compared to the older model, lets take a closer look. Acers Predator Triton, 300 gaming laptop was actually announced […]

A 17” MAG-15? Comparison with MAX-17 At CES 2020!

Basically, the company that build the laptop now Tong Fang have a new 17 inch version available, which should offer even better performance here's what they told me at CES, 2020 and what's on the way all right. So this 17 inch tongcheng chassis, recently started selling through electronics. As the max 17 – and […]

AMD Ryzen 4000 CPUs + Radeon RX 5600M/5700M Are Coming To Laptops – My Thoughts

So lets find out what this means, what improvements we can expect and how performance could stack up to the Intel and Nvidia competition.. The new Ryzen 4000 series CPUs are based on the Zen2 7nm architecture, so same as the desktop 3000 series chips that came out last year. Like in the past AMD, […]

Dual Screen Laptops + Portable PC Gaming?

Lets start out By looking at one of the dual screen laptop designs, this one is known as concept Duet, which is basically two 13.4quot displays connected together and that's the whole laptop. From the demonstration. It seemed useful if you need plenty of screen real estate. As both are touch screens. You can easily […]

The New Lenovo Y740s Gaming Laptop Has No GPU Inside!

So lets find out just how youre actually mean to game. On this thing., The Y740s is a 15 inch laptop and takes design cues from the regular Y740 that Ive previously reviewed. This is kind of like a slimmed down version of it, though there are some other differences.. The Y740s has an all […]

Ryzen 9 3900 Desktop CPU In A Laptop!?

Using the AM4 desktop socket. It can support up to the 12 core 24 thread. Ryzen 9 '00 desktop CPU. So let's find out more about this crazy machine. XMG introduced me to the Clevo NH57ADS at CES 2020. A laptop that they'll be offering under the working name of XMG Apex 15 but thats, […]

New ASUS TUF Budget Gaming Laptops – A15 and A17 at CES 2020

From these new machines. Weve got the ASUS A15 and A17 gaming laptops here.. First off, both of these laptops are specced with AMDs new Ryzen, 4000 H, series mobile processors., They dont specifically say which ones but currently looks like theres. The 8 core, 16 thread, 4800H or 6. Core 12 thread. 4600H available […]

New Dell G5 Goes Full AMD + Radeon at CES 2020

, Along with that. The new XPS 13 is here finally with a 1610 aspect, ratio which looks simply stunning so lets get into checking out what new laptops Dell had on show at CES 2020. Lets start out with the G5 15 Special Edition gaming laptop. I'm, not exactly sure of all Possible specs […]

New ASUS Zephyrus G14 and G15 Laptops – 1440p Returns at CES 2020?

As I found this, the most interesting., This is a 14 inch gaming laptop available with up to AMD Ryzen, 7, 4800H CPU, so 8 cores and 16 threads and up to Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics, which Im pretty sure makes this the most powerful 14 inch. Gaming laptop, of course, pending new CES announcements […]