Teclast X3 Pro Unboxing. Keyboard + Stylus First Look

This is the successor to the tick last x2, Pro that I reviewed approximately a year ago and that model had the core 5 way 10 in it. This particular model now has the corium skylake, m3, 6y, 30, so it's the same chipset that we see in the cube I 9, which is the […]

Chuwi Hi12 Dual OS Android Review

It did come up with about five or six applications there in Chinese, but the good news is, you can remove all of them and the ROM itself is is quite quick and very stock Android. Looking ROM here, you can see that it has absolutely no customization whatsoever and it is running android 5.1. […]

Jumper EZPad 5S Review – A Surface 3 Like Clone

I do like now. This one has quite a surface 3 design to it and it has a metal unibody. That is actually quite heavy if you see in the unboxing video it's rather heavy, but the build quality is very good. Well, put together and very solid feeling this one here, it's just rock […]

Chuwi Hi12 Keyboard Unboxing And First Impressions

Now I didn't expect this one to actually arrive today. Lucky, I was home, DHL just dropped it off, but I actually paid for just a free postage which is normally with post in our to Europe with Vanguard, but for some reason they sent it out with DHL I'm, not complaining, because luckily I […]

Teclast Tbook 11 Dual OS Unboxing And First Look

How are you doing? I have with me right here the ticklers t book 11. This is just being dropped off and it is one of the first models of the t book series that are coming out. They are two and one tablets, atom tablets, and this particular model here has a ten point: […]

Chuwi Hi12 Benchmarks and First Impressions

I did. This is the chewy H a 12, and it has that new screen that now the Chinese manufacturer has finally got their hands on and it's the old surface pro samsung pls panel. Quite a nice panel now, though, a few concerns about the brightness and I didn't actually think it to be […]

Chuwi Hi8 Dual Boot Windows hands on

Having a look at the temperatures here, you can see that the CPU the atoms in 3736, if got up to 71 degrees, just right here with the mouse's, so it's quite warm but there's, actually a reasonable temperature. I have seen lower, but normally this chips, it does run a little bit hotter this […]

Chuwi Vi8 Dual OS/Boot Unboxing and Hands on (TechTablets.com)

This tablet just arrived and recently I've already done a review on the windows, only version when that first came out and that lacked an HDMI output and it didn't have the dual boot at all sure we've now updated the tablet. So it now includes dual boot. It does have an HDMI port, which […]

Cracking open the Chuwi Vi8 – A look at the interior components

I used a plastic opening tool here just to pry open the lid just went all around the outside here very gently and voila the inside of the chewy vi8 the 100 tablet. So you can see here that overall, the battery looks quite cheap and nasty. Well, I'm. Not really sure about nasty, but […]

Chuwi Vi8 device manager (Request)

To show you what hardware is actually inside the system, so you can see that it's a realtek, sound sensor that has a basic orientation sensor and CP. Of course, we know, and the network is the realtek it's wireless n150 megabits per second some maximum speed. It can connect at at least on my […]

Counter Strike Global Offensive on the Chuwi Vi8

Yeah 11 frames a second and I'm dead, but I've been playing or trying to play for about 20 minutes or so just to really test the temperatures on the unit to see what it gets up to, and I just switched to the desktop now and we'll have A look at the maximum temperatures, […]

Chuwi vi8 Gaming Team Fortress 2