Chuwi Hi8 Vs Chuwi Vi8 Ultimate Battery Life and Heat

This has the 19 by 20, so in 1920 by 1200 degree, and what I did is charge bow for the tempest up to 100 and I've been looping. The Epic Citadel guided tour benchmark so it's just doing the guided tour and you can actually see I started them both at the same time. […]

Chuwi Vi8 : Streaming via Steam from my Tower PC

Hopefully it will run just fine. I noticed it with the check last. I had a bit of lag, so it was interesting to see if the same leg is present on the chewy, be aight aight and just take the resolution to the native resolution. Ok, so they should run just fine I'll be […]

Chuwi Vi8 First hands on [English]

Eight. This is an 8 inch. Chinese 99 tablet, and you can see here that touch response seems to be really good, quite surprised with how it's going so far. The screen is a an IPS screen, so we've got 12 hundred and eighty x 800 resolution and while it's not the sharpest screened in […]

Chuwi Vi8 Plus Hands on Benchmarks, Temps, Type C & Speaker Review

I mean they get up to 85 degrees, 80 degrees, most of them even the Microsoft. Surface, 3 got up to 85 degrees, but you'll have a look here that chewy have done something. Maybe they put a bit of the heatsink on there. Finally, instead of just that, copper spreaded tape that they normally […]

Chuwi Vi8 Plus Unboxing – An Hi8 Pro with a 1280 x 800 screen

So this is a successor to the first model. The 8 inch VI 8 had a bait rail. This tablet now has a cherry trail and it's got the atom X 5. Is it 8300, which can't over up to 1.8 4 gigahertz 2 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabyte emmc and the usual connectivity with […]

Chuwi Hi8 Vs Chuwi Vi8 Ultimate – Performance and screen

There stands for ultimate that's, the ultimate edition it's, a revision of the chewy vi8, so they're, both chewy tablets. They both have the exact same hardware and then the both heavy atom is in 3736, if 2 gigabytes of ram a quite slow, 32 gigabyte, emmc drive and the shell of them and the […]

Chuwi Vi8 Vs PiPo W4S comparison. Which is the best?

Both of these tablets have the same chipset it's, the enzyme Z 3735, if which clocks up to 1.8 gigahertz and they both had 2 gigabytes of RAM and they're both dual boots. But there is a difference here. You can see already with the screens just wanted to point that out of the chewy […]

Chuwi Vi8 Dual OS/Boot Unboxing and Hands on (

This tablet just arrived and recently I've already done a review on the windows, only version when that first came out and that lacked an HDMI output and it didn't have the dual boot at all sure we've now updated the tablet. So it now includes dual boot. It does have an HDMI port, which […]

Cracking open the Chuwi Vi8 – A look at the interior components

I used a plastic opening tool here just to pry open the lid just went all around the outside here very gently and voila the inside of the chewy vi8 the 100 tablet. So you can see here that overall, the battery looks quite cheap and nasty. Well, I'm. Not really sure about nasty, but […]

Chuwi Vi8 device manager (Request)

To show you what hardware is actually inside the system, so you can see that it's a realtek, sound sensor that has a basic orientation sensor and CP. Of course, we know, and the network is the realtek it's wireless n150 megabits per second some maximum speed. It can connect at at least on my […]

Counter Strike Global Offensive on the Chuwi Vi8

Yeah 11 frames a second and I'm dead, but I've been playing or trying to play for about 20 minutes or so just to really test the temperatures on the unit to see what it gets up to, and I just switched to the desktop now and we'll have A look at the maximum temperatures, […]

Chuwi vi8 Gaming Team Fortress 2