Chuwi Vi10 Dual OS – Windows hands on and first impressions

i 10. This is Chris here from tech tablets. Calm overall I've just had to use the tablet run a few benchmarks already and so far so good I'm. Quite impressed with the attempt at their build quality seems quite good now. I know there's a lot of people who concerned about the screen they're […]

Chuwi Vi10 Review The $128 Surface Style Dual Boot.

If you'd like more detail, then please do check out my website. Tech tablets, comm and the chewy review there'll be a link in the description on this video for that so I've been using tablet now for a while and it's great it's, actually a really good tailor. I am quite happy and oh […]

Chuwi Vi10 Dual OS Win Gaming TF2, LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO

Having a look at some gaming here. First up is left 4 dead 2. These are the ceilings there that I've tried on the teller well I'm, going to try this ones here so everything's on low it's at 1280 by 768 resolution and I'm just gon na jump into campaign, co, op game here, […]