Chuwi Lapbook Air Review – The Best If It Was Only Cheaper!

I have looked at., So this particular one is also the first of the Apollo Lake laptops to have eight gigabytes of RAM. Only the mini pcs have been using eight gigabytes, which is really good to see and has a backlit keyboard. The screen is an IPS 14 point, one inches 1080p deep, blacks, […]

Top 3 Budget Windows 10 Laptops Of 2017

So all these models have the same chipset in them, it's the Intel Celeron in 3450, the Apolo 81 – and these two models here have six gigabytes of RAM. So we have the chewy lap book 12.3 here with its surface pro screen, so you can see why it looks a little bit square […]

Lapbook Pro Review

This is the sarin in 4100 it's a quad core, with a maximum to about a 2.4 gigahertz. It has sadly only 4 gigabytes of RAM now that's a problem. What we had with all of these releases lately there are some models from tech last the course that do have the 8 gigabytes. The […]

Chuwi Lapbook Air Unboxing Hands-On Review

Apparently it is scratch resistant and it has 128 gigabytes of e MMC. 5.1 storage, eight gigabytes of RAM. So this is the first Apollo Lake laptop out of the about ten that I have looked at, that has 8 gigabytes of RAM, so it's a lot more than the original ones, which first came […]