Chuwi Hi9 Review & Unboxing – 8.4″ 2560 x 1600 Android 7.0 Tablet

, So it’s an android 7 tablet. 8.4 inches is the screen size. The screen resolution is rather high, so it’s 2560 by 1600, giving a very nice sharp look to the screen. So when you look at really close, you can’t see any pixels with the kind of PPI that this has and it […]

Chuwi Hi8 drop tested :(

These tablets are very fragile. These screens and not tempered glass yeah, this isn't Gorilla Glass. Here you haven't, got Gorilla Glass number. Three or to anything you know, this is just a soda lime. Glass. I think it's called – and this is a result here on the screen – touch – does not […]

Chuwi Hi8 Vs Chuwi Vi8 Ultimate Battery Life and Heat

This has the 19 by 20, so in 1920 by 1200 degree, and what I did is charge bow for the tempest up to 100 and I've been looping. The Epic Citadel guided tour benchmark so it's just doing the guided tour and you can actually see I started them both at the same time. […]

Chuwi Hi8 Pro Unboxing & Screen Vs Vi8 Plus

This a few do recall was actually delayed by Chile because they had some problem with the display. I don't know what the problem was, but anyway it's. Finally, here now to take a little while because I actually got it sent from Aliexpress via snail mail and it was on the slow boat, so […]

Chuwi Hi8 running Official Chuwi Windows 10 image [4K]

The chewy hi 8, now windows 10 has just come out today. Today is the 29th of July, and I have updated this one to Windows 10, but what I didn't do is it didn't actually run the Windows Update sure we just recently released a image of their windows 10 wrong. So that includes […]

Chuwi Hi8 Teardown, look at internals [4K]

You can see that they touch digitizer here is cracked it's. What I've done it is opened it up and what you need is four Torx screws there on each corner. So you need 84 Torx screw and you can under those four on the corner, and then you just go around with a guitar […]

Chuwi Hi8 stream test: GTA V & Wreckfest

I thought this another consoles, sorry another template and it has pencil issues with some of them a bit of lag, but it start up. Sometimes this sound goes all choppy as well. The SimCity phone is keeping up no real issues here, the great one day when these tablets can actually play this game. […]

Chuwi Hi8 Gaming CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, TF2 & Path of Exile

So it's hopping around 20 frames per second quite low and quite leggy very layer. Almost pretty much unplayable that is really really slow, that's horrible, unless it's impossible for me to move around here and it's, going to look on a disk on now I'm good now and see what the temperatures are to […]

Chuwi Hi8 Dual Boot Windows hands on

Having a look at the temperatures here, you can see that the CPU the atoms in 3736, if got up to 71 degrees, just right here with the mouse's, so it's quite warm but there's, actually a reasonable temperature. I have seen lower, but normally this chips, it does run a little bit hotter this […]

Chuwi Hi8 Vs Chuwi Vi8 Ultimate – Performance and screen

There stands for ultimate that's, the ultimate edition it's, a revision of the chewy vi8, so they're, both chewy tablets. They both have the exact same hardware and then the both heavy atom is in 3736, if 2 gigabytes of ram a quite slow, 32 gigabyte, emmc drive and the shell of them and the […]

Chuwi Hi9 Review & Unboxing – 8.4″ 2560 x 1600 Android 7.0 Tablet

Chuwi Hi9 unboxing and review. Android 7.0 tablet with a fully laminated 2560 x 1600 IPS screen. 4GB of RAM & 64GB storage. Where to buy: $170 with coupon CHUWIHi9 Timecodes: 04:02 – Unboxing 04:43 – Benchmarks 06:02 – Battery life 06:45 – PDF/eBooks 07:05 – Gaming 07:40 – Thermals 07:40 – Performance 08:27 – […]

Chuwi Hi8 Unboxing. $92 Dual boot 1920 x 1200 8″ tablet

Unboxing the Chuwi Hi8, it's just like the Chuwi Vi8 Ultimate. But it has a super sharp 1920 x 1200 screen. Best price $92 here: Full review: Other specs of the Hi8 32GB eMMC 2GB ram Atom Z3736F 2.16Ghz Soc Intel Gen 7 GFX 307 grams Runs Windows and Android. Hi8 Unboxing: Hi8 Hands on […]