Chuwi Hi12 Review – First 3:2 Ratio Tablet From China

Welcome to my chewy HR, twelve video review. This is the latest tablet, that’s just by Chewie and it’s, a little different, because it’s got a 3×2 ratio screen, so not the 4 by 3 retina tablets or the usual 16 by 9 or 16 by 10 tablets, something slightly different it’s. Actually, using the […]

Chuwi Hi10 Benchmarks, eMMC Speeds, Thermals and Charging

This is the okk Geekbench 3 score it's more or less the same as the chewy VI, 10 and other atom Z at 8300 table it's that I have tested or reviewed as the pc mark 7 score. Well: gate: 1.1. It'S! An OK score for this type of tablet and the ice storm 1.2 […]

Chuwi Hi12 Keyboard Unboxing And First Impressions

Now I didn't expect this one to actually arrive today. Lucky, I was home, DHL just dropped it off, but I actually paid for just a free postage which is normally with post in our to Europe with Vanguard, but for some reason they sent it out with DHL I'm, not complaining, because luckily I […]

Cube iWork10 Ultimate Vs Chuwi Hi10 Comparison

Both of them have 4 gigabytes of double data rate 3 single channel RAM 64 gigabyte EMM C's, but they do have some rather large differences when it comes to software, because the I work 10 ultimate does come with dual boot. So if you want Android anyone Windows 10 on the same system, then […]

Chuwi Hi10 Keyboard Dock Unboxing & Review

It finally arrived at a few problems ordering this one. I originally ordered it from VC mall on Aliexpress and they just took their sweet time trying to send it out to me. They set their headstock and I waited two weeks and all that mucking around in the end. I just got this from […]

Chuwi Hi10 Vs Cube iWork11 Stylus – Which is Best?

So both of these and Adam cherry trail tablets, they've both got the same chipset in them, which is the x5 z 8300. Both of them have 4 gigabytes of RAM, but at the moment, at the time of this video at least the cube has a slight problem: it's only running 32 bit Windows, […]

Chuwi Hi10 Vs Vi10 Ultimate – Atom X5 Z8300

I was going to do a quick comparison between both of them so but for these tablets they have very different aspect ratios well, 16 by 10, with the HR 10, and then we have 16 9 on the chewy VI, 18 ultimate – and this has a 1366 by 768 resolution – and this […]

Chuwi Hi10 Unboxing And Hands On

Finally, I've got my hands on one sorry for the delay to take me a while to get it because what happened as the first model apparently came out with 32 bit windows only and not Windows 10 is 64 bit which supported the full 4 gigabytes of RAM. So that has apparently been rectified […]

Chuwi Hi12 Review – First 3:2 Ratio Tablet From China

Chuwi Hi12 Review. 12-inch Atom X5 Z8300 tablet with the old Surface Pro 3 screen. Best price $207 with coupon ec2ec8 here: Written Chuwi Hi12 Review: Timecodes: 01:54 – Size comparison Vs other tablets (Hi10, X98, SP4) 03:27 – Screen and touch response 08:17 – Browser test (Edge and Chrome) 10:50 – Benchmarks and Thermals […]