Soundpeats Truengine2 Review Dual Driver AptX TWS Earbuds

HolyHigh EA2 Review TWS Earbuds With 5000mAh Power Bank

Now, as I've mentioned in my other videos, the market is absolutely flooded with this, but here's one that's a little different, so the manufacturer Holly hi. They got in touch with me and said: hey you do want to review the EA 2s. They sent them out to me free of charge in exchange […]

Real 10 hour Playback TWS Earphones – PaMu Slide Review

In fact, the market to me is oversaturated completely flooded with so many generic ones, and so many brands that really don't live up to the claims, especially when it comes to battery life. So a lot of them will say four to six hours and ones that I've tested. Okay, I just got four […]