Cube i7 Core M Hands on Ep 2: Bios, Device manager and more

This is chris from tech tablets, how's everyone, okay. So, just two quick look at the bias and a lot of people like to look in here and see what options you do have there's, not really a lot. You can do if you're neither enable or disable hyper threading active cause, all of them […]

Chuwi Vi10 Bios Update How To

This is a very quick how to video on how to do that and surely just release this the latest bias and it does update. I think the touch controller for the touch panel, which did have a few issues. I think, what they have slightly changed things there with it and how it's working […]

X98 Air 3G: Flash dual boot bios, Android, install Windows and drivers

Of course, you can get them from XDA or tech tablets comm and extract the files to your desktop and execute the chinese bat file, which will start to flash the BIOS before you do. This make sure you have at least 50 battery. You could risk a brick so be really careful there. So […]

Chuwi Vi8 Bios menus (Request)

Okay, it's, an interesting buyers here and some are. There is menus here so that's something I have actually seen before, because I've not bothered to even boot into the BIOS until now. So we have various options here. Got boot manager, device management, secure boot option boot from file are really interesting. Why they've […]