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A are augmented and virtual realities will elevate our world to a whole new dimension. Then phone AR uses the try camp system and computer vision software to provide tangos motion, tracking depth, perception and area learning to bring augmented reality to users. With this sophisticated integration, zenfone AR delivers, engaging augmented reality, experiences for […]

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I got sent this product here for review, so this thing is called the doc case and it's currently on Kickstarter. So there will be some links in the description below if you want to go and check it out, but I've been using this for a few days now, and I think it is […]

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Today we are having a quick look at this very powerful but affordable Windows, 10 tablet, PC it's, called the cube mix plus now I got this from a Gearbest and there will be links in the description below. If you want to know current pricing, you can get an optional keyboard dock to turn […]

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This is the high 13 made by a company now I'm, not sure how to pronounce their name. It is spelled C H. U W! I I think it's pronounced chewy and before we even start, let me just say it has one of the best screens of just about any Windows tablet around its […]