Lenovo Flex 14 2 in 1 Laptop REVIEW – AMD RYZEN 5 3500U – UNBOXING & TEARDOWN

The laptop is powered by AMD’s risin 5. 3500. U quad core processor, along with 8gb of ram 256 gb, nvme, SSD, radeon, vega, 8, graphics and other great features, including fingerprint reader. The laptop design is clean and suitable for day to day activities such as working on schoolwork browsing, the internet or even […]

Lenovo Ideapad S340 Laptop Review , Unboxing & Teardown

Today we are taking a look at Lenovo’s, mid range, IdeaPad, 340 laptop with a price tag of 550. At the time of this review, welcome back guys to the new episode of deal unboxing Lenovo, IdeaPad 330. S is configured with Intel’s 8th gen, core i7 quad core processor, with 12 GB of RAM […]

LENOVO FLEX 5 15 2 in 1 Laptop Review & TearDown – Best Budget Laptop

Starting at just four point. Four pounds of flex 5 2 in 1 laptop is designed to go wherever life takes you. While this precision cut edges, offer a clean and modern look finished in sleek aluminum, the flex 5 is available in onyx black color. What sets flex 5, apart from the competition and […]

LENOVO 14W Notebook Review & Teardown – Best Cheap Notebook

The model strikes a balance between features and cost, offering enterprise customers and inexpensive notebook capable of getting their workers or students online and connected to business services and cost only 129 at the time of this review. So please stick around till the end of this video to enjoy the review. First let’s talk […]

Acer Spin 3 14″ Convertible 2in1 Laptop Review, UNBOXING & TEARDOWN

Now an Easter spin, 3 convertible laptop series has been a great success for the company offering great features with affordable price. Our case of spin 3 convertible laptop came in around ‘9. At the time of this review, so please sit back, relax and enjoy the review now. Let’S do a quick unboxing in […]

HP OMEN 15 (2019) Gaming Laptop Review, UNBOXING & TEARDOWN

Today we are going to review HP on 115 laptop, which cost only 900 at the time of this review. We’Re going to see if HP omen is one of the best affordable gaming laptop in the market for gamers, looking for reason, amount of power without breaking the bank, so please sit back, relax […]

Lenovo Yoga C930 Review – 6 Months After Release

Now this has been out for about six months and no of I have been recently in touch with them offered up this review unit here so it's a loan unit that I have to sing back to them, and I thought yes, I want to actually look at This one because it's something that's […]