MAZE Alpha X Review – Promising But Ultimately Just Falls Short

Now I agreed to review this one here because I found out that, unlike other phones, it does not have one of those gimmicky fake dual camera setups on the red. No just a single camera which we're off to a good start aren't we there. So this is called the maze alpha X. I […]

Xiaomi Redmi S2 / Y2 Unboxing & Hands-On Review (English)

So this is an entry level phone from them with not a full HD resolution, so it's still that two by one aspect ratio, but this one is 1440 by 720. So I don't even know what that's going to look like stretched out at five point: nine nine inches now this mobile here is […]

Redmi Note 5 Review – Crazy Good For The Price!

Note 5, so i've been using it for over a week, and this truly is, in my opinion, the best budget phone that you will find priced around 220 us, at least this is the cost of my model here with the 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of Storage now this has qualcomm's latest […]