Top 3 Budget Windows 10 Laptops Of 2017

So all these models have the same chipset in them, it's the Intel Celeron in 3450, the Apolo 81 – and these two models here have six gigabytes of RAM. So we have the chewy lap book 12.3 here with its surface pro screen, so you can see why it looks a little bit square […]

Jumper EZBook X4 Unboxing & Hands-On Review – A 25% Faster Teclast F7

Not actually this model right here that I have in front of me. This is the Teclast F7, which turned out to be the best. A polar lake laptop, so we now have this successor of the Apollo Lake, which is the Gemini Lake there's, slightly faster 200 megahertz, more that's. The N4100 it's also […]

Teclast F7 – 48 Hours Later, Questions Answered.

Just give you some feedback on that, because I've been getting so many questions about this people asking me about the screen protector on the display, the battery life, the thermals, how it is, should they get it instead of the jumper Easy Book Pro I'll, try and cover That here, before my full review, […]

AllDoCube Thinker – 1 Year Later Re-Review

So often I don't get the chance to do these. Videos I'd, like to do a lot more. A follow up. Video of what tech is like, how did it hold up? Is there any problems? Did it start to fall to bits on me as the battery completely dead after a year of use […]