Aftershock Impulse SFF Gaming PC Review

In this review, well check out gaming performance, overclocking, thermals and basically everything else. Too.. The Impulse is available with different hardware configurations.. In my unit theres an Intel i5 8600K CPU Nvidia, RTX, 2070 graphics, 16GB of memory running in dual channel, a 256GB M.2 SATA SSD and 1TB hard drive.. When ordering online […]

Aftershock Apex-15R Gaming Laptop Review

Up. Lets start with the specs of my unit as you can customize it a bit when ordering. Ive got the 6 core Intel. I7 8750H CPU. Ive got 16GB of memory running at DDR4 2666 in dual channel, but it can be upgraded to 32GB. For storage. Its got two M.2 slots with support […]

Metabox P955HQ1 Laptop Review and Benchmarks

We'Ve got the laptop itself manual and warranty information driver, CD, microfiber cloth and the power brick and cable let's start off with the specs of the laptop keeping in mind that you can customize it. While ordering in my configuration there's an Intel 7700 HQ quad core KB Lake CPU, which runs at two […]

Save Money on PC Hardware in Australia

As you may know, I've been looking at thread Ripper Hardware recently for my new computer I'm, currently using a computer that's, almost seven years old now and it's, pretty bad slowing me down quite a lot and I've been looking at thread rippers the solution as it's got A lot of CPU cores for […]

Metabox PA70HS-G Gaming Laptop Review

Meta box are an Australian company who specialize in high end custom laptops. Basically you pick the model you're after and then you can customize it to get it. How you want inside the box, we've got a slim power, brick and cable instruction manual, warranty information driver, CD and, of course, the laptop itself. […]

New ASUS Laptops! An Epic Journey / First Vlog / 100th Video

Metabox P870KM-G 17” Laptop Review – Benchmarks and Overclocking

What makes this laptop interesting is that it's, going to Intel 7700 K CPU, which is typically a desktop processor, as well as dual nvidia 1070 s in sli, the laptop was delivered in two separate packages. The smaller package contains the first power brick, while the main package contains the laptop itself, the second […]

Metabox P650RS-G 15” Laptop Unboxing and Review

The P 650 RSG is a newer and higher end laptop in the prime series from meta box. An Australian company that's specialized in the high end laptops this laptop is similar to the P 650 re model that I've previously reviewed with very similar specs. However, now the graphics card is an nvidia 1070, […]

Metabox P640RE 14” Laptop Unboxing and Review

We have the laptop itself, which is protected by some foam theres. Also, an instruction manual driver CD power, brick and cable, as well as a micro fibre cloth which can be used to keep the laptop clean.. The P640RE is the entry level laptop in the Prime series from Metabox. An Australian company that […]

Metabox P650RE 15″ Laptop Unboxing and Review

You won't want to miss this. Inside the box. We have the laptop itself, which is protected by foam theres, also various instructions and driver CDs, as well as another box containing the power brick and cable.. The P650RE is a laptop in the Prime series from Metabox, an Australian company that specialise in custom […]

Infinity X5 (i7-9750H/GTX 1660Ti) Gaming Laptop Review

In this detailed review., The Infinity laptop brand started up last year and theyre currently selling in Australia and New Zealand, though the information should still apply to the same models sold around the world by other companies., Starting with the specs. My unit has an Intel: i7, 9750H CPU Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics, […]

Infinity S7 (i7-9750H/GTX 1660 Ti) Gaming Laptop Review

The Infinity S7-9G6-88 is a gaming laptop computer based mostly on the Tongfang GK7CP6S chassis. With i7-9750H and GTX 1660 Ti graphics, it ought to be a succesful gaming machine, let’s discover out what’s on supply on this detailed evaluation. Whereas Infinity are promoting these laptops in Australia and New Zealand, the Tongfang GK7CP6S chassis […]