Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Snapdragon 650 Benchmarks, AnTuTu 6, Geekbench 3 & 3DMark

So you don't have to wait for my final review I'm overall using the device. It feels very quick, very snappy. Everything seems to pop up really quick. I haven't experienced any lag yet I'll just show you the antutu 6.0 for scores. I thought they were exceptionally well for the price range of this […]

Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Review – Better Than Others? (English)

First gaming mobile phone, so it's gaming focused, you can see we've got this add on joypad. If you haven't seen on my unboxing, this is a bluetooth joypad that you can clip onto it, but you have to have the case on the phone. So in this video here I'm just gon na focus […]

Chuwi Hi8 Vs Chuwi Vi8 Ultimate – Performance and screen

There stands for ultimate that's, the ultimate edition it's, a revision of the chewy vi8, so they're, both chewy tablets. They both have the exact same hardware and then the both heavy atom is in 3736, if 2 gigabytes of ram a quite slow, 32 gigabyte, emmc drive and the shell of them and the […]