Teclast P98 4G – Sleep wake issues and OTA fails (Fixed!)

I was just doing a benchmark. Video against the on the v9 19 just handed background, and all I did was just simply block the device using this button here. Lock, it ok great whoops it's, not coming back on holding down the button, nothing's happening, it's just gone us completely locked up there and […]

Using the Teclast X80h dual OS as a desktop machine with HDMI

So I've connected up my micro, HDMI cable, and this is running to my monitor and then just down here. I have a logitech wireless receiver, so I have a keyboard and a mouse so it's, quite amazing. Actually so if this tiny little tablet can run a fault, this stops it up here. If […]

Teclast X98 Air 3G – 4 months on, is it still a good buy?

How does it stack up after three months? Well, not too bad, actually ifr been enjoying this too. The quad of logic, I'd, say that's, my most used tablet after, of course, my Surface 3 Pro I have here, but I do find myself using this tablet quite a bit just because, mainly because of […]

Onda V919 Air 3G Dual Boot Android Hands on

19. Air 3g. Dual boot. Here in front of me. I send a quick look around an Android on the tablet to see how everything just running, and I can report that there is no problems here with the the atom z3740. Six, if I know the same processor on some of the tech last […]

Teclast X80h dual boot hands on Windows 8.1 (English)(1080p)

This is a dual boot tablet from tech last 8 inches screen IPS panel. The panel is really good good, viewing angles. There is a gap between the actual IPS panel and the glass very common on these devices. They'Re, not laminated, screens, that same gap is pretty much what you'll find on the first […]

X98 Air 3G: Flash dual boot bios, Android, install Windows and drivers

Of course, you can get them from XDA or tech tablets comm and extract the files to your desktop and execute the chinese bat file, which will start to flash the BIOS before you do. This make sure you have at least 50 battery. You could risk a brick so be really careful there. So […]

How to: Root the Teclast X98 Air 3G C8J6 with iRoot and KingRoot

Now that fix to this problem is you need to run a program called kingroot? The download is and the description of this video once you run that it will come up it's all in Chinese of course saying a root. This will not actually fully root the device, but what it will do seems […]

Teclast X98 Air 3G C8J7 – Flashing the Dual boot bios direct from Android.

This one's too straight out of the box, how to update it on to the dual firmware. So we need to do is run. The tablet connect it up to your PC and move over the dual boot BIOS and then run this application here, update ie fw i, if you can see it, will […]

Testing Dual Boot on the Teclast Air X98 3G with Android 4.4.4 and Windows 8.1

At the moment they could all run dual boot Windows 8.1 right here. Everything is running fine, touchscreen responses, quite good camera is the right way up and the battery capacity. If you can see that as being reported correctly now, thanks to Android and an application, I ran. I think it might have helped […]

Supercharge Any USB Port!

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Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, Review en español

Puedes comprar tu Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet aquí: Suscríbete a Andro4all: Analizamos la Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, una tablet que viene a pelear de tú a tú con el nuevo iPad de Apple. No te lo pierdas. Nuestras recomendaciones: Prueba GRATIS el servicio Premium de Amazon, lo peta: Xiaomi Mi Band: Moto 360: Peluches Android: […]

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet review

Right here's Sony's no-compromise pill in all of its water-repelling glory. Try our full overview to see if it's price it and you too can take a look at our detailed written overview over at .