Comparison Teclast X98 Air 3G Vs X10HD 3G Which is the Best?

Both have their pros and cons and i'll go over that shortly. You can see here that the machines obviously are physically different. This has more of a business kind of looked toward more of a surface to pro look so black and it's. A 16 x, 10 screen we've, quite a high resolution and […]

Teclast X16HD 3G Dual boot unboxing and quick hands on

This is kind of sponge, polish dying, wrap, sort of thing around it and plain old sellotape and all of this through shipping with UPS send. Are they took this sweet time about it? It took about ten days to arrive for having tablets actually been out for a while now it's, not exactly sweeping […]

Cube i6 Dual OS, Switching from Win 8.1 to Android 4.4.4 and back

So it could be long so be prepared to skip ahead. Maybe on the video along in. Perhaps a boring you are about to see is what it says. Obviously it's meant to say you're about to switch operating systems. I think now I've just resorted to using the flashlight and turning the lights off […]

Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS Android Benchmarks and Gaming

10. Only model this now is the latest version with dual boot on it. Now I have covered Windows already so I'm, not going to look at that, so this is just basically an Android review very quickly. Just give you some of my opinions on how the ROM is, how it runs benchmarks and […]

Teclast X98 Air III 32GB – Android 5 Mirek190 v6 & Windows 10

Now the files and there's a link in the description to be able to do this is the dual boot BIOS it's on the website. There there's a link and the flash went. Ok, that was fine and I did download the windows files and I recommend that you do not do that. I found […]

Pipo W3F Dual Boot Android And Windows: Install Success!

Now it took a little while to do mainly because the files they just took so long to download off those Chinese servers were incredibly slow, but I'll show you the boot menu. It comes up it's, very similar to the teclast system. In fact, as probably it is the same kind of system they're […]

Onda V919 Air 3G Dual Boot Android switch to Windows

Basically, just I think, it's just rebooting the system into Windows, so you don't have that menu to select like you do on the tick. Last err. 3G, dual boot. So, just pushing that I will not edit this video at all pause that or anything. This is exactly how long it will take to […]

Play Store fix Teclast X98 Air 3G C8J7/C6J6/C9J7 how to fix the Play force close

The x98 air 3 g, c8 j7 model there's a bit of a mouthful to say, and what we need to do here is move over these files. Here onto the internal sd card of the tablet, because we need to install this so once they moved over, we can proceed to uninstall the existing […]

Chuwi Vi10 Dual OS: Android Hands on, Gaming and Benchmarks

This is a modern combat 5, probably one of the most hardest games for the tablet to render when it comes to the graphics here, because it's, a very graphical game, as you can see, it looks really good. It looks amazing it's, almost like PlayStation, 3 kind of level of graphics so tends to […]

X98 Pro Dual OS Android Hands On And Benchmarks

Here I managed to flash over Android and Windows later with it when they image there. So I now have dual boot on the excellent a pro, so this originally came out with just windows, and this is of course, the canine c3 model and it's running the canine c6 dual boot ROM out here. […]

Teclast X16HD 3G Android hands on

This is just some of the sample images here that the tablet came with pre installed, just to show off the screen really and now I seem to fix the problem with the reflections coming off the screen everywhere by recording in the dark with a flashlight on. So how this is coming out? Ok […]

Teclast P98 4G thoughts after a week of use. Great battery life however…

Last p98 4G been using it for a while. Now, and this is the stock launcher, as you can see, I've just flashed the recent firmware update, which is 1.16. I couldn't actually just do the over there update for some reason it wouldn't. Let me do that so I'm, on the newer version. I'Ll […]