Acer Swift 3 Review – Ryzen 8 Core Laptop For $650!

Build quality is fine, its plastic with a silver finish: nothing amazing, but no sharp corners or edges.. It cant be opened up with one finger, as I guess its, not heavy enough, but the screen goes the full 180 degrees back for sharing., The lid didnt flex too much. But doing this revealed that […]

Acer Nitro 5 (Ryzen 5 4600H/1650) 22 Game Test!

So just how well does it perform in games? Ive tested out the GTX 1650 config in 22 titles and compared it with other laptops to find out the difference. Microsoft flight simulator was a no go at high end and ultra settings, though 30 FPS or so at medium seems usable. While the low […]

Lenovo Slim 7 Review – Ryzen 4800U 8 Core Power!

. The build quality feels great its got a metal lid interior and bottom panel with a grey finish. Corners are rounded, but the front edge can feel a little sharp. If you brush up against it. It was fine during normal use, though. Mine, weighed about 1.4kg or 3.1lb. Then, with the 65 watt […]

HP Envy x360 Review – 6 Core Ryzen 13″!

Ive got the 6 core 12 thread. Ryzen 5 4500U here so were able to hit levels of performance that were previously unheard of in a 13 inch machine.. The build quality feels great. The lid interior and bottom panel are all metal with a dark finish, and there werent any sharp corners or edges. […]

HP Omen 15 – COOLEST Ryzen Gaming Laptop I’ve Tested!

The results are very impressive. Lets check out thermals and see what performance improvements can be. Made. Ive tested temperatures with AMDs 8 core Ryzen, 7 4800H and Nvidias GTX 1660 Ti config to find out just how hot it gets and see where the limits lie. Air comes in through the fairly large vents […]

HP Omen 15 Game Benchmarks (Ryzen 7 4800H + GTX 1660 Ti)

The highly requested HP Omen 15, but just how well does it actually perform in games? Ive tested 20 different titles at all setting levels and also compared it against other laptops to show you how it stacks up.. My configuration has AMDs 8 core Ryzen, 7 4800H processor with Nvidia GTX, 1660 Ti graphics […]

Dell G5 SE Review – AMD Brings Competition To Laptops!

Ive got 2 models to review the entry level Version which starts at 880 USD has a 6 core Ryzen 5 4600H processor, and the higher specced 1200 version has 8 core Ryzen 7 4800H.. The more expensive version also has a better screen faster WiFi and double. The memory, though, both are dual channel.. […]

Entry Level Dell G5 SE Hotter Than Higher Spec?

Ive got the lowest version of the G5. Se here, which means weve got these specs, however Ive already tested the higher specced 4800H model too so well, compare results as well. Air comes in through the vents underneath which are positioned above the fans. However, on the inside of the bottom panel theres a […]

Dell G5 SE (4800H + 5600M) – How Hot?

Ive got the highest version of the G5 SE here, which means weve got these specs. However, Ive also got the lower 4600H model coming soon, so, if you havent already, then get subscribed for that one. Air comes in through the vents underneath which are positioned above the fans. However, on the inside of […]

AMD Ryzen 4000 CPUs + Radeon RX 5600M/5700M Are Coming To Laptops – My Thoughts

So lets find out what this means, what improvements we can expect and how performance could stack up to the Intel and Nvidia competition.. The new Ryzen 4000 series CPUs are based on the Zen2 7nm architecture, so same as the desktop 3000 series chips that came out last year. Like in the past AMD, […]

Ryzen 9 3900 Desktop CPU In A Laptop!?

Using the AM4 desktop socket. It can support up to the 12 core 24 thread. Ryzen 9 '00 desktop CPU. So let's find out more about this crazy machine. XMG introduced me to the Clevo NH57ADS at CES 2020. A laptop that they'll be offering under the working name of XMG Apex 15 but thats, […]

Acer Nitro 5 (AMD Ryzen) Gaming Laptop Review

If it's a laptop, you should consider buying I've got that AMD configuration of the Nitro 5 here, rather than the Intel and NVIDIA model, so other than performance, thermals and battery life. The information here should mostly apply to both models, starting with the specs. This unit has an AMD Rison: 5. 2500. U […]