MAZE Alpha X Review – Promising But Ultimately Just Falls Short

Now I agreed to review this one here because I found out that, unlike other phones, it does not have one of those gimmicky fake dual camera setups on the red. No just a single camera which we're off to a good start aren't we there. So this is called the maze alpha X. I […]

Metabox N850EK Laptop Review and Benchmarks

An Australian company who specialize in custom laptops so let's find out what their newest models have to offer. As you can customize the hardware when ordering I'll first cover the specs of my unit here fit the CPU we've got Intel's latest 8th gen, I 78758 6 core CPU, which can turn go up […]

Metabox N850HK Laptop Review

Meta box are an Australian company who specialize in high end custom laptops. Basically, you pick the model you're after and then you can customize it to get it just how you want. Inside the box, we have the usual manuals and driver CD, ala, brick and, of course, the laptop itself. Let'S start with […]