ASUS ROG Strix G531GT Gaming Laptop REVIEW, UNBOXING & TEARDOWN – 6 Core Laptop

Today we are reviewing an unboxing asus, rogue g 53 1 GT gaming laptop. The laptop is powered by Intel Core i7 6 core processor, along with Nvidia GT 1650 graphic cards. The Asus rogue lineup offers one of the best gaming laptops with solid gaming Hardware on a reasonable budget. So without any further […]

Intel 9th Gen Gaming Laptops – Buy Now or Wait?

Should you buy a laptop now or is it worth the wait to get a ninth gen model let's discuss intel's announcement on the 8th of October 2018 primarily revolved around the i9 9900 ki7 9700 k i5 9600 k in terms of their mainstream lineup. They also announced some high end desktop parts, but […]

Intel i7-9750H vs i7-10710U – Laptop CPU Comparison and Benchmarks

Intels, i7 10710U, apart from having a lovely name, is a 14nm 10th generation CPU. Just to keep things confusing Intel has both 14nm and 10nm CPUs in their 10th gen lineup.. The 14nm chips are branded as Comet Lake, while the 10nm are Ice. Lake.. The Ice Lake CPUs only currently go up to […]