MSI Z370 Gaming M5 Motherboard Review + Overclocking

That looks really plain and cleaned it's, all grey and black, which is a bit different from msi as usual, red and black color scheme. In any case I'm, a fan it's an ATX board and comes in a thirty point. Five centimetres by twenty four point: four centimeters, starting with the rear, io there's, […]

Intel i9-9900K vs i7-8700K – Best Gaming CPU?

99 hundred k. Cpu brings us eight cores and sixteen threads to their mainstream lineup. But how does it compare to the old king from the 8th gen, the i7, a 700 k to find out I've tested both CPUs in 10 different games at 1080p, 1440p and 4k resolutions, as well as a number […]

Acer Predator Orion 9000 – 1080 Ti SLI + 18 Cores

I'Ve got an 18 core CPU and 2 Nvidia 1080 T is an SLI, so let's see what it can do. There'S some pretty crazy hardware in the system, so let's stop there. While it's available with the six core i7 8700 K, CPU in mine, I've got an 18 core, I 979 ATX II […]

8700K in a Laptop! Metabox P870TM-G Gaming Laptop Reviews + Benchmarks

This is the pea 870 TM G gaming laptop for meta box and it's got a full desktop. 8700 k 6 core overclockable CPU inside as well as 210 70s in SLI we'll, find out how the laptop performs through a number of benchmarks and find out if it's worth considering for the price, we've […]