Gaming PC Build for Under $1400!

So this computer is basically going to be used for all sorts of things from gaming with medium to high settings at 1080p to just browsing the internet and watching YouTube all the parts were purchased early in 2017. So I did this. A few months ago, I've got separate videos on most of the […]

Best Laptop CPU? 6700HQ vs 6700K vs 7700HQ vs 7820HK vs 7700K

6700 HQ 6700 K. 7700 HQ 78, 20 HK and 7700 K CPUs it's important to note that each of these is in a different laptop, so the cooling solutions will differ slightly, which could ultimately affect performance. Additionally, we're not looking at any gaming benchmarks here, as the laptops all have different graphics cards, […]

6700K vs 7700K – Laptop CPU Comparison and Benchmarks

Will then discuss the differences between them to help you find out, which you should get in your laptop first let's note: the similarities between these two chips, both have four CPU cores with a threads, are based on a 14 nanometer manufacturing process. They also have the same 91 watt TDP, with eight megabytes […]

6700HQ VS 6700K – Laptop vs Desktop CPU Benchmarks

We'Ll run some benchmarks to see how they perform and discuss the differences between them to help you find out which one you should get it's important. To note that the 6700 HQ is typically a mobile chip, the use in laptops, while the 6700 K has traditionally been an unlocked desktop chip. However, was […]