Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro Review – 10″ tablet with projector and Intel Atom X5 processor

A 2560 by 1600 IPS display some really nice viewing angles on it and really in line with many of the other displays we’ve seen on other Android tablets from Lenovo, but what’s really interesting about. This are two things one is the processor built in. This has got an Intel cherry trail, processor, Aza, […]

Lenovo P8 Tablet ( Tab3 8 Plus ) Review – 8″ Android Tablet With IPS Display

This is the Tab 3, 8 plus, and it goes for anywhere from 150 to 200 on gearbest.com who sent this to the show for us to review. We’Ll be taking a closer look at this in just a second, but I do want to mention in the interest of full disclosure if this did […]

Teclast P98 4G Vs Onda V919 Air 3G 3DMark

This is the tick lasted p. 9. 8. 4G, with the Mallee 760 GPU has an octa core, MediaTek optic or 64 bit processor to not running a 64 bit operating system. This is android. 4.4. Point 4 on both systems – and this here on the right is the under v: 9 19 air […]

Teclast P98 4G MTK8752 / Mali-T760 : Antutu, CPU-Z, Geekbench and 3Dmark

Calm and I've got the p98 in front of me it's the updated version of the p90 8 ear, which had the all winner, a 80 TCB on it. Now the newer version ticklers have now put a mediatek 64 bit cpu in there it's an octa core, and that is paired up with a […]

Teclast X16HD 3G Windows Benchmarks and Hands on

I have seen a bit higher than noticing up to 70 or 80, so tick last seem to continue with slower drives for some reason and don't know why that is, but I roll just using the tablet. It seems fast enough. It doesn't seem to be too much of an issue there. I will […]

Cube iwork8 Ultimate Benchmarks, Gaming and Temps

Not a super sharp screen right now got the brightness down to twenty five percent. Just to show you that when it's at this level of brightness, it has quite a blue tinge to it the white background here it should actually look reasonably white but it's. Quite a cool white screen it's. Definitely not […]

Atom X5 Z8500 (X98 Pro) Vs Atom X5 Z8300 (v820w CH) Benchmarks & Temps

What does the actual gap performance wise between the Adam x5 8500 and the Adam x5 8300? So here I've actually taken a look. This is the on the v8 20 W CH, not a particularly wonderful tablet, and this is the tick last x98 Pro that has the faster atom x5. Is it 5 […]

PiPo X9 Full Detailed Review – Win/Android Benchmarks, Gaming and Temps

Now this is the successor to the pipo x8, which was a smaller model with the same look and the same bill it's a hybrid mini PC with a tablet screen in it. Basically, now the older model had a 7 inch screen. This now has a 1920 by 1200 8.9 inch screen in there […]

Chuwi Hi8 Vs Chuwi Vi8 Ultimate – Performance and screen

There stands for ultimate that's, the ultimate edition it's, a revision of the chewy vi8, so they're, both chewy tablets. They both have the exact same hardware and then the both heavy atom is in 3736, if 2 gigabytes of ram a quite slow, 32 gigabyte, emmc drive and the shell of them and the […]