RTX 3060 Ti vs 2080 Super – $400 GPU Beats $700?

. To put this claim to the test Ive compared both graphics cards in 13 games at 4K, 1440p and 1080p resolutions, as well as content creator workloads to show you what the differences are., Starting with the spec differences. Both cards have 8 gig of GDDR6 memory, though the 2080 Supers is a bit […]

RTX 3060 Ti vs 3070 – Is 3070 Worth $100 More? 🤔

, Starting with The spec differences both cards have 8 gig of GDDR6 memory at the same speed.. The 3070 is rated 20 watts higher, but has a higher boost, clock, speed and 21 more CUDA cores, but has a 100 higher MSRP. As a result, though, actual prices could differ depending on availability issues […]