New Fire HD 10 Tablet Review (2017 / 2018) $149 with Alexa Hands-Free Voice Commands

Yes, the company that sells you everything, makes hardware we’ve looked at a bunch of tablets from them in the past, and this is the new HD 10, which is a 10 inch tablet running at 1080p, starting at 150 bucks, not a bad deal. I do want to let you know before we get […]

Jumper EZBook 3 Review – Apollo Lake N3350 Budget Laptop

Now this new model has the Apollo Lake in 33 50, which is the first time I'll, be testing out the CPU, its dual core. It has 4 gigabytes of 1600 megahertz ram 64 gigabytes of internal storage, that's e MMC spec, but it also does have a spare m2 SSD bay, just like the […]

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Best Value Android Phone 2017 #3 – Xiaomi Mi Max Review

If you like, really big phones, then this video is for you, because today we are looking at one of the best value, smart phones, you can get right now that has a giant screen. It is the Xiaomi mi max. Now it isn't the newest or the biggest or the most powerful big phone […]

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Top 5 Best Android Phones Released in 2017

A are augmented and virtual realities will elevate our world to a whole new dimension. Then phone AR uses the try camp system and computer vision software to provide tangos motion, tracking depth, perception and area learning to bring augmented reality to users. With this sophisticated integration, zenfone AR delivers, engaging augmented reality, experiences for […]

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Quick Look

A3 2017 edition super excited about this phone. This is not the galaxy there. This is a different phone. The reason i'm super excited about this phone is not because of its specifications. We'Re talking about a mid range device here. This has only got a 1.6 GHz octacore processor, with 2 gigs of ram […]

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Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop Review and Benchmarks

Gaming laptop with a 120 Hertz display, so let's see what it can do and find out how well it performs, and some gaming benchmarks. Let'S start by checking up the hardware. Specs it's got an Intel 7700 HQ quad core cpu running at 2.8 gigahertz, which can tab up to 3.8 gigahertz there's. Sixteen […]

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Cube Mix Plus Review – Fastest Cheap Windows 10 Tablet

Today we are having a quick look at this very powerful but affordable Windows, 10 tablet, PC it's, called the cube mix plus now I got this from a Gearbest and there will be links in the description below. If you want to know current pricing, you can get an optional keyboard dock to turn […]

Chuwi Hi13 Review: Best Cheap Windows 10 Tablet

This is the high 13 made by a company now I'm, not sure how to pronounce their name. It is spelled C H. U W! I I think it's pronounced chewy and before we even start, let me just say it has one of the best screens of just about any Windows tablet around its […]