Aorus 15-XA (9750H/2070) Gaming Benchmarks – 18 Games Tested!

But how well does this new model perform in games with the RTX 2070 graphics, Ive, benchmarked 18 different games at all, setting levels to show you how well it runs and compared it against some other laptops to see how it stacks up. Just quickly before we jump Into the benchmark results Ill cover […]

Aorus 15-XA (9750H/2070) Gaming Laptop Review

In this review. Well take a look at gaming performance, thermals battery life and basically everything else. Youd want to know to help you decide if its a laptop. You should consider buying. Ive got the highest specced version of the Aorus 15, the XA meaning it has an Intel, i7, 9750H CPU and Nvidia […]

Aorus 15-XA (9750H/2070) Thermal Testing, Overclocking and Undervolting

Changing fan, speed and using a cooling pad. Ive got the Aorus 15 XA, which means theres an Intel, i7 9750H CPU and Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics, no Max Q. Here, however, its available in a few configurations, you can find some examples, along with updated prices linked in the description. On the bottom of […]