Acer Helios 300 (2020) 20 Game Test

, The Acer Helios 300 is a popular gaming laptop. But just how well does the latest 10th gen model perform in games? Ive tested the highest specced configuration in 20 games at all setting levels and compared it with other laptops to show you, the differences.. All testing was done with turbo mode enabled, […]

MSI Optix MAG27CQ Gaming Monitor Review

1440P 144 hertz curved gaming, monitor from msi, so let's check it out and see if it's something you should consider as mentioned. This is a 27 inch monitor with a 16 by 9 aspect ratio and runs at the 1440p resolution. So 2560 by 1440 it's got adaptive. Sync, so you'll need an AMD […]

Red Magic 5G Review 144hz Fan Cooled Gaming Beast!

It'S got a super competitive price. Five hundred and seventy nine euros here in Europe gets you that spec. So this detailed review I'll be covering everything I can think of a detail. We'Ll, take a good look at the cameras, a small disclaimer, that this review is an exchange for this review unit. That […]

The $644 144hz Gaming Laptop Update #2 One Month Later!

Nine eight one two fast one which is good, so what I did if you missed the second video is this: I had it and upgrade it the CPU on it because they had a pentium on it originally, which is just the Pentium gold. Very poor CPU was limiting the performance of even the […]

Upgrading My Laptop With A Core i5 9400 Desktop CPU!

Now this laptop cost me six hundred and forty four US dollars: that's the lowest. It was selling for right now. I think it's about 700 u.s.. It has one big weakness, so it's really bottleneck is the CPU. It has an Intel, Pentium, Gold, g54, 20 and that's an oaf Jun CPU. But the […]

Acer KG251QF Gaming Monitor Review

The monitor has a twenty four point: five inch screen with a 16 by 9 aspect ratio and runs with a 1080p resolution so 1920 by 1080. Nothing special about that here's where it gets interesting. The panel runs with a 144 Hertz refresh rate, has a 1 millisecond greater gray response time and features […]

ASUS Zephyrus S Gaming Benchmarks – 15 Games Tested!

Just quickly before we jump into the benchmark results Ill cover off the specs in my unit. Theres, an Intel i7 8750H CPU Nvidia GTX 1060, graphics and 16GB of memory running at DDR4 2666 in dual channel., The Zephyrus S is also available with GTX 1070 Max Q. Graphics, so expect better performance with […]

Aftershock Apex-15R Gaming Laptop Review

Up. Lets start with the specs of my unit as you can customize it a bit when ordering. Ive got the 6 core Intel. I7 8750H CPU. Ive got 16GB of memory running at DDR4 2666 in dual channel, but it can be upgraded to 32GB. For storage. Its got two M.2 slots with support […]

ASUS TUF FX505 Gaming Benchmarks – 16 Games Tested!

I'Ll cover up the specs in my unit there's an Intel i7 87 58 CPU nvidia, gtx, 1060 graphics and 16 gig of memory running at ddr4 2666 in single channel. Yes, performance could be improved with dual channel, but this is how the laptop came to me. While I've got a 60 Hertz screen […]

Aorus X7 DT v8 Gaming Laptop Review – GTX 1080 Power!

This unit has an Intel, i7. 8850 H. Cpu so 6 cores 12 threads with the 4.3 gigahertz single core turbo boost, but the CPU can also be overclocked as well. More on that later, I've got 16 gig of memory running at ddr4, 2666 and dual channel, but the four slots can support up […]

ASUS Scar II vs Zephyrus M – Gaming Laptop Comparison

But what should you pick? They both have very similar specs, but the scar 2 is a little cheaper, so let's compare them and help you find out which to buy. This. Video has been sponsored by LastPass. Lastpass is a password management tool that securely remembers all of your passwords, so you don't have […]

ASUS Scar II (GL504GS) Gaming Laptop Review

9 gigahertz or core turbo and 4.1 gigahertz single core turbo I've got 32 gig of memory running at ddr4 2666 in dual channel. The most it supports of our most configurations for sale come with 16 gig in dual channel for the storage it's got a single end up to swap with nvme support […]