My New Ultra Portable Laptop For Travel! Xiaomi Mi Air 12.5” Review

, Its quite a powerful machine and can do pretty much anything. I want the problem I have with. It, though, is at 15 when Im travelling and Im on a plane or a bus and cramped on a seat for hours at a time. It is actually a bit too big for what I […]

Civiltop Air / T-Bao Tbook Air Review – Best Celeron N3450 Gaming Performance Seen Yet!

5 inch laptop is the civil Book Air, according to my box, but it's also known as the t book air and the Xiaoma 21 from under, but that model has two USB 3 ports on it and a micro SD card anyway. It'S very light. This thing is only one point: zero eight kilos, […]

Onda Xiaoma 21 Unboxing & Hands-On Review 12.5″ Windows 10 Laptop

This is the civil top air, also known as the Tbook air. Now it's, not a bad little 12.5 and inch Apollo Lake laptop it's got a decent keyboard on it. It'S super light and portable. This thing weighs about 1.8 or 1.08. Sorry kilos so really light very thin, as you can see, but […]