970M vs 1050 – Laptop Graphics Comparison Benchmarks

With the 1050 Ti, I was interested to see how the 970m compares with the 1050 the two laptops that I'm testing here are fairly similar in terms of specs, but there are some important differences. Firstly, the laptop with the 970m has an older 6700 ehq CPU, while the laptop with the 1050 has […]

Nvidia 1050 vs 1050 Ti – Laptop Graphics Comparison Benchmarks

In this video I’ll compare the performance difference between two laptops running an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti. The 1050 Ti has a higher clock speed and more cuda cores, but how does this affect gaming performance? Although the regular 1050 Ti is more powerful, how much better is it for gaming, and […]