When I received Tad the Lost Explorer, I knew what I was getting myself into. It was obvious this wasnt going to be Nathan, Drake clinging onto the side of a mountain in extreme conditions showing the upper body strength of a god. It also wouldnt be a shootout in a mysterious ruin that would put Max Payne to shame nope. What we have here is more along the lines of a goofball that kind of stumbles and bumbles his way across platforms and traps and puzzles the cartoonish kids game lets. You know right away that youre in for a few laughs, a few puzzles and some head scratching thoughts of. Why are we even doing this? Well, the little parrot that pops out of the side of the screen is regularly asking these questions as well: Tad isnt the best of the best but hes determined to make a name for himself thats. Why we pushed on that and the fact that some weird guy that refers to himself as the shadow keeps telling him to do so in the game youll run around in some open areas, Gathering brushes and collectibles, and to be honest for what reason I still have. No idea in these areas, you can check your map and see where you need to go by locating a little red pen on the map. Its kind of, like you know, dropping a pin for your friend. There are basic side scrolling areas where you dont need the map you just move along and avoid like any spider, you see or bat, by disposing of them with your truster trusty rubber ducky.

Yes, you carry around a rubber ducky Im. Just saying you know its kind of a kids game, so anyways reaching the end of each level will lead to Tad jumping into the air with a decent woohoo following its kind of like his little Glee moments. Like I said, things are pretty basic, but that doesnt make it a bad game Tad, certainly scratches the fun bone. You know if you have a sense of humor at all its okay to enjoy these simple things. At times I I did enjoy the puzzles as well. In the game, from switches to rotating objects, to playing the matching game, Tad has some decent puzzles with a little variety Im, pretty sure most kids, these days can figure them out rather easily heck. Kids. These days would probably figure them out way quicker than me. Now, speaking of kids games about halfway through, I have my son sit down and help me beat the second half of the game. We had a few laughs and some moments of. Why would they make this so difficult and, yes, Im? Looking at you the boat chase level, I mean jeez. That was ridiculous. I did this for two reasons. First, I wanted to see his thoughts on the game and second, I wanted to see if he had the same problems. You know with the controls, as I did well, he did enjoy the game. He said it was funny. They said the puzzles had you know they were decent and but he was confused.

You know as well. You know why the boat chase had to be such a pain. Then he clearly didnt like the controls. It was quite obvious from all the falling. You know that he was having the same issues that I was having see while Tad the Lost Explorer is a nice kids game, the controls they know theyre, just not very theyre, not very good. The camera rotation can be a pain swinging around wildly, while the jump button seem to have a mind of its own at times. This would lead to running like straight off platforms, and it happened quite often it would also cause you know, overshooting platforms or immediately coming back and falling off, because you know the other controls seemed quite responsive when youre trying to adjust. But you know this itself was a very frustrating part of the game. If youre going to have a game where youre jumping from platform to platform its a big part, you know, if thats a big part of the game, then you know you need to you need the jump button to work properly and, quite frankly, this is a big Problem, coupled with you know Tad getting stuck in animation in these jumps uh as well. The overall game itself looks pretty good, even though its quite plain with its cartoonish look, the cutscenes I mean, if you can call it that were kind of a comic book style with voice over work, not sure why they couldnt add voices to the other characters in The game, because there wasnt really that many you did, however, get to play as a few other characters that had their own jump.

Styles. You know like double jumping, and you know things like that. It was a cool little break up in the game. I guess to you know, try and keep you from getting bored. Well, you know the the levels they are not long at all, so there really isnt much time to get bored with the game. So I would say you could probably finish the 18 levels and you know a few sittings. You know like that. You probably wont beat it in the first sitting, even though I think you probably could, if you really are really good at this game, but you know it all depends on how many times you fall or you get caught during that you know dang boat chase, which, By the way, as much as I grief, if Im giving the boat chase, it was actually, it was actually pretty fun. Music, Music, Music, foreign Music Lost Explorer was a game that definitely had me. Well, I wouldnt say outside my comfort zone but its not something that I play you know often I dont usually and really enjoy these types of games which, to my surprise, was funny when I did the humor side of the game made me chuckle at times, and You know I just I couldnt help but root for the underdog Tad. He wasnt, really the bumbling fumbling idiot. Everyone made him out to be the real highlight, was playing the game with my son and getting his thoughts on the game as well.

In the end, we both had the same feelings about them. It was a fun game that is ultimately held back by the controls and the occasional glitch we didnt expect. You know the Uncharted level of fun, but when its all said and done, you know you dont want the experience ruined by you know the unknown, see what I did there yeah.