I owe it everything: Music, Music, Music, whoops, Music, shh, Music. I am Music, wow, huh, Music, damn Music, foreign, Music, Japanese, Music, foreign, Music, okay, Music, what Music? The Music? Thank you Music! Thank you! Music, Music, because Music, uh huh, Music, Music, Music. Thank you: hmm, Music, Papa Music, whoa, Music, whoops, Music, foreign Music. Thank you. Even though he didnt find the treasure he was hoping for, he got a nice Id almost say precious souvenir. That will give us a lot to work with Music. Tad was so absorbed in that rubber chicken that he didnt notice that the beautiful Olmec Temple was still crashing down on top of him and thats. When you realize that you should have paid attention in phys Ed as well as in archeology, luckily, Sarah Tads girlfriend loves him.