Tablet, But before this HP review Bang Api, there is still stock for this one. God willing. We will follow up later for the review. We will first review this, which is the most recent in the Samsung series.. If you look at other YouTube channels that discuss the S8 tab, especially the Ultra, the specs are already Im horrified, just how much is the price of just 20 million Using the price of a motorbike? If this is the HP, I want to review this.. I want the black Gravity here.. Yes, I only use silver for the full specs of the bus friends. I read a lot on Google right. One chip already uses Snapdragon 8. It s like a mobile phone in the S22 series. The brain is smart, fast right bro. What do you get for this cellphone selling, 9.6 uh cellphone, tablet tablet and original 25 watt charger like this, for example, friends? Yes, super fast charging. If you look at the specs, it can support 45 watts, yes, 45 watts bro the HP reads: 100 in how much is 80 minutes, the battery is 8000, so its getting big lets just review the unit friends, the specs at a glance are similar to the S7.. If you want a cell phone look at the designs, but for camera, quality and audio. Lets see from the bottom first, the one with the charger port means the bottom hole here below the lower right corner, its still, okay, friends, its smooth.

There are no scuffs or cracks yes. The Samsung logo is the same as the S pen. Ok. Well. The HP doesnt have the usual S: Pen., Okay, sound by ak gaming. This is AKG a company that really specializes in taking care of sound systems right in electronics. Like this, the top corner is okay, theres, no problem on the left, either; no scratches, if its dirty its a little dirty its okay, its normal. The material for the camera is two or two, its smooth theres, no scuffs and theres. A flash light. Lets. Look at the bottom bezel for the bottom bezel, starting from here. The speakers are great. Up and down. There are 4 of these, the first speaker next to right. Okay, the charger port is still good. The bottom speaker hole is still smooth uh, its smooth, its still. Okay, here the first corner, the first corner guys its still okay, its smooth., then on the long side here, starting from here, this is the place for the SIM card.. So this isnt the level only S8, its the S8 wi fi only series. The S8 is 5g. Its a 5g network and the S8 Ultra is rich. So friends, this is a sip place, but you can use up to one terabyte of external memory. Okay, the volume up and down buttons are good here. The fingerprint and also the power button are still okay continue at the top. The second corner, the second corner chat again a little here, friends, Friends, theres paint, thats peeling off too.

, Pick it up so its black on this part. Theres, also a little bit of paint.. Then theres a den.. Yes, like that, the speaker holes., Okay, its smooth again until here the third corner – is still good.. Yes, the usual one is for using a keyboard, because here there is a handle, and this has a connector okay until the last one. So just two corners friends that have scratches: I have got the tempered glass. Yes, I can hold it again, hold it again, so my fingerprints are stuck.. The HP is stuck.. God willing consider this OK.. Ok, because there are tempered glass corners am friends. There are no scuffs on the screen. Yes, you can see the Tempe. anyway its like that., So this already has anti scratch tempered glass, the selfie camera here, its still smooth, yes, its okay here its safe, you just have to use it think its clean, because we tested the fingerprint here. The fingerprint worked right away. Okay, then theres also a face where there are pictures. Ok, try opening the cellphone first friends for a moment he hasnt scanned, because this is the camera right here. The pictures are already open. So all you have to do is slide. It. Ok lets take a portrait first heres, the imei for those who are interested. Sein. Indonesia, the cellphone, has a personal guarantee for 7 days. Dont fall in.. This water starts in 2022, OK, TPS 8. We ll check the hardware right away so its not curious for the screen, its normal friends, its still good.

clean red red if theres no NFC, so we dont have to check for vibration. Theres a cell phone keep representing the rear camera. The rear camera is okay. This is the wide one h Eh Take it apart. Now. The wide camera is also great whats. The sensor isnt it Touchscreen Touchscreen. How many inches did we touch the screen size earlier on Google for the full specs and also the review friends? You can see on other YouTube channels that discuss reviews about this. Oh lots of 8 series tests. Okay, now the speaker here it is speaker 1, the top left. Okay, then the top right. You can hear that too. its safe. Now the lower right one. Okay, we press right now. The bottom left one is normal. Everything doesnt have a problem with the speakers until the power buttons. Yes, then the volume is safe, and this on the screen also works for the Savage camera. Now the selfie camera is really. This is really wide white. If you want to watch the review, if you make a Zoom video call its really wide and whats the feature for detecting wa movement yeah. So if we move around like that, the camera can keep up with the advanced. This is the sensor grip. First, Yes, because Im using IPS LCD here but 120hz, if you want, have a look at the specs., The price is okay friends.. If you use the new Ultra on AMOLED its now an S Pen.

, Yes, theres, no S Pen so well borrow the one that has the S6 first. Oh yeah. Wait a minute. Someone wants to pick up first. A52S, sir HP. Sir Im thirsty. Sorry guys. Sorry lets just continue earlier. Someone picked up quickly, sir.. Yes, I also use information on how to purchase it. Like what are the first 3 choices HP right In the Cibinong area, Bogor West Java. If youre far away, you can transfer directly to those who already believe, if you dont believe you can use Tokopedia or sh opee, but there are also many yes for the first time transactions at a bank, the cellphone directly transfers directly its very reckless people, dare, if The HP is fun, you dont send the goods later. You might not be able to sleep, well, be careful, yeah, thats it.. You can spin anything, you want the S Pen Tab, you can use it or you can use the S Pen. What series is it, but the R gesture or R action feature doesnt work like that friends., Its still in the promo period, po, or something like that, so its really cellphones that sell tablets and a 25 watt charger or so this is the feature. Eh weve checked The hardware friends now lets see here the software or about the phone first. 5g RR. Yes, officially. For me this is Indonesia. The software is already the most updated yes on Android 13, because its really stuck on a tripod.

So hopefully it still looks like the 8000 mah battery is really big just because the TPS 8 8000 huh, the pi tab, S7, forgets 7000 or 10000. Yes, RAM and internet is 8 per 128, so its just like a cellphone right 8128, But it can be expanded again. This is Snapdragon 8 gen 1 for the refresh rate, its adaptive up to 120 hz, So its been given a cool feature, huh, not cans and for the screen, even though its not yet named, but if its from Samsung no friends Im going to be disappointed, God Willing, its really good, let alone the sound. Can we test this right away? Lets try this just the advertisement., its really rare for tablets to use flashlights Music where s the sound scary, Im. Sorry, it took a long time while Im listening to it first, how about that, especially for the camera friends weve, already connected to wi fi. Music. The wide camera is really big. I mean the selfie camera is charging? Oh, Yes, this is it. Is it a screenshot from the Jagat Review channel? Yes, he said the advantages are like this, but he reviewed the Wi Fi. Only Wi Fi only Remember for the selfie camera. Its the same as this. Lets see the sound here. First, OK, Electromagnia, yes, Dolby has been activated; okay forgot to bring the cellphone like this Ouch theres. A lot of this like this lets, try to turn it up its also scary, but the treble still wins: S8.

Okay, its scary, its scary, that s all friends. So the price is the cheapest. Ps4 goes up again Tap S6 and type S8 TPS 7. The series is really empty. After this, we review again from the cellphone series. Yes, the procedure for buying WhatsApp. Here you can follow later. There is COD direct transfer. Tokopedia Shopee see you again in the next video always be healthy friends.