My street theyve already got me in with the packaging, but lets dive right in um. This is the monitor itself. This model is called the xp pen artist, pro 16 tp um its a 4k monitor tablet with pen and touch input, which is pretty impressive. I was not expecting something like this this soon, really. To be honest, its a 15 point inch a 50.6 inch, sorry display with 4k. You can see here, im unboxing the plug and it has um some plug adapters there, depending on what region youre from and as you can see, the adapter slides into the plug. Like this pretty easy, this is the pen box, which is way fancy compared to the other ones. For some reason, i kind of love it. I kind of fail opening it here, though, with my one handed unboxing, sorry about the improfessionalism here uh, you can open it with one little click on the bottom and it slides open like that. I believe it comes with nine spare pen ends and a pen nib remover there, which the little hole the pen itself doesnt have a rubber grip, and it only has one express key, but it does have an eraser finally and like before. You dont need a battery. The express key is quite flush against the pen, so its quite easy to click but thats, not too much of a problem. For me to be honest overall, the pen feels nice and cuppy to hold heres a little box here with the sort of extra documents, warranty information, um, a happy holidays card in august, which is lovely um.

I believe this uh tablet is expected to release around christmas, which is why thats in there im assuming um, it also comes with a little cleaning cloth and a glove as always, and a little quick start guide there, which is really nice and straightforward. And then this other box under here contains the cables for connection, so it has two usbc to usbc cables, one usb c to hdmi cable, which also has a another usb input. One of those usb c to usbc cables will be for your power so plugged into your mains plug and the other two are for pc connection. Depending on what connection you can use, i use the hdmi using the usbc. Cable instead may lead to some technical limitations. Like screen brightness, perhaps this is the actual monitor itself. It doesnt have a screen protector. So it has this glossy finish. It doesnt bother me, but if you prefer that matte texture, you can go for a third party screen protector. I do believe its designed like that for the touch input, so it feels sort of like a phone or an ipad screen. It has a slight anti reflective finish to it. Theres these side buttons here for control of the power and the touch its a very nice thin lightweight tablet its thin enough to fit on my tablet: stand: thats designed for ipads theres, the two usbc inputs and another button. These buttons are for monitor, menu and brightness control Music.

You can leave kind of smudges when you rub on the tablet. Due to that glossy finish, but not too much for a problem. If you keep it clean and again, you can get a third party screen protector. This is a comparison between the 16 tp and the innovator 16, which i reviewed last year and have been using this whole time been using it for almost a year, its very well loved ive been really enjoying it actually theyre, both about the same size, 15.6 inches. Innovative 16 is a little bit thinner for that portability, and it has express keys. The 16 tp doesnt have express keys, which i dont mind, but might be a deal breaker for you. The main selling point with a 16 tp, though, is that huge 4k resolution compared to the innovators 1920×1080, and also that really yummy touch functionality. You can see me here booting it up for the first time um. The first impression was that those cables at the top are pretty naff in the way of my display, but i mean i could overlook it after a while – and this was me admiring – that 4k resolution for the first time i was so baffled at how crisp and Beautiful everything looked also: oh, my god. This is how the world could be, but yes, its its very nice, its lovely, okay, so im just gon na talk over this time lapse of a drawing that i did with this tablet.

Um really enjoyed doing it. Didnt. Take me long to get used to the tablets tool, um really enjoying the 4k. Everything looked very crisp and beautiful and the colors look really nice too, but yeah lets get into the likes and dislikes so with the likes its a nice simple, minimal, modern design, which is really nice. The monitor is gorgeous. The 4k looks wonderful allows for a lot of ui space and software. The pen feels good theres, zero noticeable gap or lag theres good prem pressure at about 8 192 levels of pressure sensitivity, and it has tilt control up to 60 degrees. So if you have any brushes that support tilt functionality, then this will work on them. The screen with the pen feels a little bit more slippery than one might be used to. It feels akin to a phone or an ipad screen if youre used to that. The actual finger touch functions worked nicely after i had to troubleshoot a little bit ill go into more detail about that later, but now that the touch works, it has really nice responsiveness. You can use it for gesture controls in some compatible programs, such as pinch to zoom, panning, rotating and double tap for undo, which is really nice. Ive also used it just to like skim web pages really quickly, like you do on a phone, the touch inputs also have control options controlled by the button, on the left hand, side these options being on palm rejection mode and r4 pen only mode.

Personally, its a perfect size for me, its big enough for me to comfortably draw on and to have the 4k resolution not be too tiny, but its not too big to crowd my desk or strain my eyes, its thin and fairly lightweight its about the weight of A small laptop, the setup and driver are nice and straightforward theres, a little setup booklet that you can follow the instructions for you just go to the xp pen website, support downloads click on the tablet that you have and then download. The latest driver ive used it for long periods and it hasnt heated up at all. Yet i use it for work and then for personal stuff after work, so thats, probably a solid eight hours for work, plus four or five hours for my own personal use and it hasnt heated up at all so thats great and overall, it hasnt felt distracting at All when using it so ive adjusted to it very quickly, and i use it been using it happily for a week now so onto dislikes, as mentioned earlier, i think the cable inputs at the top of the tablet are a bit naff, probably mostly a personal thing, As i have the up down dual monitor setup, so the cables sort of get in the way of my upper monitor. Theres no tablet stand provided with this at tool, so youll have to get a third party stand or just use it flat on the desk.

Theres. No express keys on the actual monitor i just use keyboard shortcuts, so thats fine for me, but that may be an issue for you, as mentioned previously ill, go into more detail. Now i had some initial setup issues. I think this was due to the dual monitors, because there was some sort of confusion with the input between both of my monitors at first. The touch function was appearing on my other monitor rather than the tablet. So whenever i touch the tablet, it would appear on the other, monitor, um and also there was some pen mapping issues and some programs like clip studio, paint um. I fixed these quite easily after a bit of fiddling around. If i just went into my windows, display settings um and changed my main monitor to the tablet um it fixed most of this, so i think the computer was just assuming all the inputs on the tablet were meant for the main monitor, which was my which wasnt My tablet at the time so now that ive changed that it works fine. I also found that in clip studio i could open preferences then select tablet and then checking use mouse mode in setting of tablet driver but yeah. Now it all works perfectly fine. So with those like dislikes out of the way here are some extra little notes and things to consider of your interest in this tablet. The hdmi cable is really thick, not the cable itself, but the end of it where the hdmi sort of plug is its really big um.

I know on some computers and laptops uh, the ports are really close together. So if you have a lot of things plugged in that may be an issue, but if not thats, fine, apparently max or ios struggle with with the touch function that doesnt work too. Well, i cant test, as i have a pc, but if you have a mac, maybe wait till thats fixed. It feels and functions very premium, but theres a big price tag that comes with that as its 800 pounds theres a lot that comes in that package like the 4k, the touch function, the pen function and it feels very quality and premium. I dont see this sort of scratching or breaking anytime soon, but as i plan on using this for a long period of time, i can update you guys in the comments below so i usually pin a comment being like hey ive, been using this for a while. Now and its done this or its exploded, or you know something like that so ill, give it a go. 4K resolution is a very big step up from the common 1920×1080 thats, almost four times the amount so make sure your computer is powerful enough to keep up with that so thats it. I think for now, um again ill. Keep you updated in the comments as to how it goes because i plan on using this for a long time, because its gorgeous, but thanks for watching um, sorry for all the sponsors recently, but ive been really lucky with them, and i feel very thankful that im Im able to take these opportunities and theyve helped me upgrade my my workspace so much and i have um a few more coming as well, so i hope youll enjoy those but big thanks to xp pen for sending me this model and ill keep you guys updated.