4 and Im currently using the tablet to record this video. So I bought the Huawei mate pad 10.4 keyboard package, which comes with it, the Smart Keyboard already so so it cost me at 8999 back in February. So this is really a great value. I dont have to buy a separate uh Smart Keyboard. It came with the smart keyboard so thats why I bought it in the first place, foreign first question: what are the features that I like about this tablet? First, is the resolution. It has a 2K resolution watching YouTube, Netflix HBO Go and all the other streaming platform is really fun to watch because of the clarity of the videos that you get to watch on this tablet. The second thing that I use this made pad tablet from Huawei is to edit my photos, its a great um device to edit photos on the go. I use Lightroom as an application for this device, so the cons are as follows: one of course it doesnt have Google store Google applications, but there are workarounds to you know to install those applications, but still it is really a bit of a hassle not being able To access, Google Play Store, say hello to my dog. The second thing is: I cannot substitute this um to my laptop. There are things that you cannot do on this device because, of course it has its limitations and um. There are things that you need to do using your laptop when it comes to browser when it comes to editing videos, because I find it more convenient to edit videos using my laptop because, of course, of the size of the screen and the limitation of using the Mobile app applications uh for editing videos, but of course I can still edit videos.

I will be editing this video using the mate pad 10.4, just to make sure that you we get the full experience and full um review of this tablet yeah. This is how it looks like when youre using the back camera, which is difficult to Vlog, because you cant really see yourself so yeah, just a test. So Im gon na share my screen and show you some of the application that I use this device with and um. I hope you get some inputs from it, so here we go so let me share my screen so that you will feel and see the full experience and opening the ABS. This is that my Instagram page gave me shoulder blog, so please do follow me there, and this is just a sample. Lightroom um photo that I edit using the Huawei mate pad so its quite convenient to just browse through the different presets, and you know different type way to edit photos and, of course we have YouTube. This is my YouTube Channel. Please do subscribe and follow me there as well. So let me just play a video Music, its one of my examples. For me I mean video on YouTube Music. So, overall um, I use this tablet as an entertainment device, a social media device, a device that I can have a quick uh edit of my photos and in a convenient manner its on the go. So I love having a tablet that can do that.

Of course there are cons, but overall I love this device, so that was the quick review of the Huawei mate pad 10.4.